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List: 10 Gothic Romance Songs for Your Bloody Valentine

List: 10 Gothic Romance Songs for Your Bloody Valentine

Valentine’s Day surely conjures up wholesome images of flowers, candy and hearts. Don’t let the soft hallmarks of this Hallmark holiday fool you, for Valentine’s Day is the bloodiest holiday of all.

The origins of the holiday trace back to ancient Rome. From February 13 to 15, the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, an annual fertility ritual. During the festivities, everyone would get naked and loaded on booze while men would sacrifice goats and dogs so that they could whip the nude women with the freshly procured flesh of the sacrificial animals. The belief was that these lashings would increase a woman’s fertility. At the end of the festival, men and women would be coupled off so they could get freaky for the rest of the night.

Eventually, Catholicism adapted the holiday which is believed to commemorate the martyrdom of Saint Valentine of Rome, who was beheaded for performing unauthorized marriage ceremonies.

In honor of the bloody origins of Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled a playlist of 10 (mostly) romantic gothic tunes for your bloody Valentine.

1. Type O Negative – “Love You to Death”
No Valentine’s Day playlist would be complete without this song from ‘October Rust,’ in which Peter Steele sings of his devotion and servitude to his lover. In true Type O fashion, the song is filled with sexy imagery while still maintaining dark and morbid undertones of death.

2. Nine Inch Nails – “We’re in This Together”

Trent Reznor details how he and his lover will battle through obstacles and damaging forces together, for better or for worse.

3. Marilyn Manson – “Cupid Carries a Gun”
If you’re feeling a bit witchy, this tune from ‘The Pale Emperor’ is perfect soundtrack to play while you light some romantic candles for a Valentine’s séance.

4. Cradle of Filth – “Dusk and Her Embrace”
Nocturnal seduction, lust and death are the themes of Dani Filth’s lyrics for “Dusk and Her Embrace.”

5. Black Sabbath – “N.I.B.”
Did you ever wonder what a love song from Satan himself would sound like? Well, look no more. Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler wrote “Nativity in Black” from the perspective of the devil falling in love.

6. Chelsea Wolfe – “Crazy Love”
Chelsea Wolfe touches on the feeling of still wanting to be with someone, even though they “let the devil in.”

7. Danzig – “Devil’s Plaything”

“Devil’s Plaything” is a sadistic tune about how the fires of hell and the fires of love might as well be the same thing, at least in Glenn Danzig’s eyes. And if you want to love Evil Elvis himself, it probably won’t work out “if you don’t want pain.”

8. Iced Earth – “Dracula”

While Iced Earth might seem misplaced on this list since they’re a metal band, they retell one of the most infamous gothic romance stories on this track from 2001’s ‘Horror Show.’ To not include Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula story on a list about love and blood would be a crime.

9. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Do You Love Me?”

This serenade addresses a tempestuous lover who the narrator can’t seem to keep, no matter how much love he gives her. The line “I found God and all His devils inside her” seems to address the two sides of his lover.

10. Acid Bath – “Paegan Love Song”
Since Lupercalia is a Pagan holiday, Acid Bath’s sludgy “Paegan Love Song” fits perfectly into the motif. While the song might not be the most romantic, you gotta love Dax Riggs for his morbid imagery and “I’m-gonna-cut-you” attitude.

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