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List: 9 Rockers That Have Broken Bones Onstage

List: 9 Rockers That Have Broken Bones Onstage

Headbanging and raucous stage shows have certainly taken a toll on even the most seasoned metal veterans. Some of the injuries that band members have sustained while performing on stage are even more brutal than the music they play. Here is a list of nine band members who have broken their own bones on stage for the love of heavy metal.

1. Corey Taylor
In June of 2016, Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor underwent emergency surgery for a broken neck. The vocalist had been walking around for an unknown period time with the internal injury, which he believes he sustained during a 1999 performance at Ozzfest. “My foot slipped off a monitor, and I fell four or five feet off the stage and landed on my head,” he explained to Revolver during an interview for 2016’s August/September cover story. “I think that was what caused my two vertebrae to compact around the discs. Of course, being 25 and stupid, I didn’t do anything about it. ‘I can move my head, I’m fine!’” Taylor infamously performed with a neck-brace during Slipknot’s 2016 summer arena tour with Marilyn Manson.

2. Sid Wilson
During the first stop of Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival in 2008, Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson broke both of his heels when he jumped off of one of the stage risers during the band’s set and landed incorrectly. He performed the rest of the tour in a wheelchair.

3. Ben Weinman
The list of self-inflicted and accidental stage injuries sustained by various members of The Dillinger Escape Plan is seemingly endless—especially for guitarist Ben Weinman who has suffered various broken bones, nerve damage, gashes that required stitches and staples, a torn rotator cuff and even a broken neck! Basically, you name it, he’s probably broken it.

4. Dave Grohl
The Foo Fighters frontman made headlines in the summer of 2015 after he broke his leg during a live performance in Gothenburg, Sweden. In a failed attempt to jump onto a ramp, Grohl fell into the security pit and broke his leg. He announced to the crowd that he thought his leg was broken and assured them that after he sought medical treatment, he would return to the stage. In his absence, drummer Taylor Hawkins led the band in a series of covers until the frontman returned on a stretcher to complete the set. For the remainder of the tour, he performed sitting down on a throne made of guitars. You can read Grohl’s statement on the incident here.

5. Axl Rose
Dave Grohl’s throne came in handy when Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose slipped on stage during a performance of “Mr. Brownstone,” causing him to break his foot. The injury occurred during the first show of the band’s “Not in This Lifetime” reunion tour. Rose soldiered onward and performed the rest of the trek on the very same throne that Grohl used the previous summer.

6. Joel O’Keeffe
Airbourne frontman Joel O’Keeffe took a nasty tumble off of the stage during the Australian rock outfit’s performance on September 22, 2016. Despite breaking a few ribs and tearing the ligaments in his foot, the frontman concluded the band’s set. Surprisingly, the band did not cancel a single date during that tour despite the frontman’s injuries.

7. Andy Biersack
During a live performance in October of 2011, Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack suffered a gruesome broken nose injury, forcing the band to postpone several dates while he recovered. In an interview with Revolver, he explained: “I was onstage doing my typical routine to entertain the crowd. I was rolling around and being crazy. Normally, before ‘Legacy’ goes into a breakdown-y guitar solo-y kind of part, I get down on my knees and do a mock prayer. I did that and then rolled backwards and stood up and I didn’t realize I was directly under the four-foot drum riser. I smashed the bone dead center on my skull. From above my eyebrows, right down the bridge of my nose, that’s where I cracked. I was unconscious for a second.” You can read Biersack’s full retelling of the events here.

8. Telle Smith
Back in 2015, The World Alive frontman Telle Smith broke two ribs as well as two vertebrae in his back after a stage dive turned catastrophic. Speaking with Revolver about the incident, Smith said: “It sent a shockwave through my whole body and I lost feeling in everything from my neck down. I was lying there thinking to myself, ‘Are you fucking kidding me? Am I paralyzed? Is this how my life as I know it ends?’” Despite the setback, Smith still performed with the band for the rest of the tour while wearing a back brace.

9. Chester Bennington
Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington broke his arm back in 2007 after falling during a performance in Melbourne, Australia. The band was only four songs into the show when the accident occurred. Bennington still completed the set and did not let the injury deter the rest of the tour.

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