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List: Six Shocking Peter Steele Moments

List: Six Shocking Peter Steele Moments

Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele would have been 55 years old today. The late singer passed away on April 14, 2010 due to heart failure. Pete’s legacy lives on in his music and his contributions to both metal and gothic culture. Today, we remember Pete with six of his most shocking moments, for better or for worse. What are some of your favorite memories of Peter Steele?

1. That time he faked his own death
When the band left Roadrunner Records in 2005, they sparked rumors of Pete’s death by posting a photo of a tombstone that was inscribed with his name and the years 1962–2005 to their website. However, the joke was to signify that the band had left their label and were moving onto SPV records.

2. That time he showed the world his steel
In 1995, Peter Steele stripped down for his spread in an issue of Playgirl Magazine, of which he also graced the cover. Upon doing this, he learned that Playgirl’s readership is predominantly male and instead of getting attention from the ladies, he ended up getting more than he bargained for. His bandmates teased him mercilessly for this.

3. That time he appeared on ‘The Jerry Springer Show’
He appeared on the infamous ‘Jerry Springer Show,’ which is a tabloid talk show that often deals with cheating spouses, scandals and other raunchy topics. Steele went on to discuss sleeping with groupies, one of whom was in the audience! You can watch the clip here.

4. That time he pranked Pantera
Forever known as pranksters, the band disrupted Pantera’s set while supporting them on their ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ tour. The band got on stage and messed with Pantera’s craft table and then swept the floor, all while the band played “Domination.” There were no hard feelings though. In fact, after Pete passed away, Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo paid tribute to the late Type O Negative frontman for Revolver’s 2011 “Fallen Heroes” issue. “If Pete was on your side, he’d do anything for you, and Pete was a good guy to have on your side,” said Phil. “He was one of a kind, and no matter how cliché that might be to say about someone after they’ve passed, it’s the truth. I loved the guy as a friend, and I respected him incredibly as a songwriter.”

5. That time he wrote a controversial song for Agnostic Front
In 1986, Steele collaborated with Agnostic Front for the song “Public Assistance,” which appeared on the band’s ‘Cause for Alarm’ album. Pete, who wrote the lyrics, and the band came under fire due to the song’s discriminatory themes. However, Pete claimed that these lyrics, as well as controversial ones written for Carnivore, came from a place of humor and that he was not a racist. Type O Negative addressed the racism claims by penning their cheeky hit, “Kill All the White People.”

6. That time he wrote a song for the WWE
Type O Negative were commissioned by the WWE to write an entrance theme song for the wrestler Kane. The band were asked to write a song with no singing, so they wrote an eerie instrumental that was layered with Baroquian chants. For whatever reason, the WWE ended up not using their song and went with one that had singing instead. The song appears on ‘Life is Killing Me’ as a bonus track titled “Out of the Fire.”

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