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Misfits Guitarist Doyle Releases New Song and Music Video, "Run for Your Life"

Misfits Guitarist Doyle Releases New Song and Music Video,

Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has shared the official music video for the song “Run for Your Life,” which is the first single from his forthcoming album, ‘As We Die.’ The record is due on June 2 via Monsterman Records. The song and video are available below.

"I did the guitars when I did the 'Abominator' record,” explained Doyle. “We did two albums at once, actually. We were going to do a double album but there was so much material we just cut the motherfucker in half. We were actually done with all the recording during February of 2016, and we were just having a real problem getting the mix right. We mixed for 14 fucking months... I'm out of my mind, man. It's got to be perfect. It's your product and you have to make it perfect, 'cause it's forever. It's got to be great. When my favorite artist makes a record and I don't like it, I'm pissed, y'know? I don't want anyone to feel that way about us."

Check out “Run for Your Life” below and tell us what you think!

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