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Watch Only Known Live Footage of Ronnie James Dio Performing with Elf

Watch Only Known Live Footage of Ronnie James Dio Performing with Elf

It was a strange series of events when Ronnie James Dio died seven years ago today. The eve before he passed away, rumors started to circulate that the legendary singer was already dead. Conflicting reports made their way around the web, with some saying he had crossed over into Heavy Metal Valhalla, while others swore that he was still alive and that they had just seen him in his hospital bed. It wasn’t until the following afternoon, on May 16, 2010, that Dio’s wife and manager, Wendy Dio, released an official statement that he had succumbed to his battle with stomach cancer, bringing a cold dose of reality to the skeptics and the hopeful. In that moment, the mythical and seemingly other-worldly icon suddenly became mortal for an instant as no one believed someone so magical could ever die. However, once the overwhelming number of accolades from fans, friends and fellow musicians came pouring in, it became evident that Dio was now more immortal than ever, living on forever with the iron clad legacy that he left behind.

Known for bringing his special brand of magic and incredible, powerhouse vocals to iconic bands such as Rainbow, Black Sabbath and his eponymous project, Dio, the singer was one of the rare musicians who found unparalleled success in just about everything he touched. It wasn’t just his angelic voice that moved those who worshipped him, but his angelic demeanor and loving heart as well.

Like all musicians, Dio got his start somewhere else. Before Rainbow, Dio formed a band called The Electric Elves, in which he originally sang and played bass until they recruited Craig Gruber. The band shortened its name to The Elves, eventually going simply by Elf. If it weren’t for Dio’s vocal contributions to the band, he might have never been noticed by Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, who partnered up with him to form Rainbow. The rest is history.

Today, we’re remembering Ronnie James Dio by taking a look way back to the start of his career. Watch the clip of Dio performing live in Syracuse, N.Y. with Elf in 1974, which is the only known live footage of the band. Be sure to raise your horns and tell us how you keep the legacy of Dio alive!

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