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Hear Death-Metal Vets Incantation's Pummeling New Song

Hear Death-Metal Vets Incantation's Pummeling New Song

For nearly 30 years, death-metal legends Incantation have been traveling a dark, nefarious musical path — and they show no signs of slowing down or changing course.

Now back on Relapse Records — the label that helped launch them on their journey with 1992's Onward to Golgotha — Incantation are readying their latest full-length record, Profane Nexus, for an August 11th release. The album is an exercise in death-metal purity and features the single "Messiah Nostrum," which makes its debut appearance here today.

"Our second offering off of our new album Profane Nexus, 'Messiah Nostrum,' is about world religion and prayer culminating at a point in the cosmos before time, creating a messiah," says drummer Kyle Severn. "This messiah's only desire is to destroy what created it. The performance was filmed by Don Tyler, who captured the darkness of the song perfectly."

Check out the song and video below for the first time, and order your copy of Profane Nexus before it hits store shelves.


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