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Imminent Sonic Destruction Premiere New Album, 'Triumphia'

Imminent Sonic Destruction Premiere New Album, 'Triumphia'

Detroit-based prog-metal act Imminent Sonic Destruction will release its new album, 'Triumphia,' on September 2 via Luxor Records. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere the new album in its entirety right here, right now! Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The band said, "Here it is. 'Triumphia.' An album four years in the making. This is our first go at a concept album, and quite frankly we are pretty damn proud of it. The album was written, both musically and lyrically, in the same order that it plays in. Yes, this means we wrote the overture first (your mind = blown). We put a large focus on hooks and melodies, and we really went for it with the vocal harmonies. We piled vocal harmonies on everything. Our favorite parts of the album are the scream in 'Something in the Way,' the bridge in 'Lake of Fire,' the sub explosion in 'The Knife,' and the beautiful acoustic intro of 'Arborous Calm.' Like I said, we're proud of it, and we hope you enjoy it. Buy multiple copies! Thank you!"

To get 'Triumphia,' visit iTunes. For more on Imminent Sonic Destruction, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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