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"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Gets Metal Treatment With "Dayman" Cover

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" fans are undoubtedly familiar with the Dayman, a hero born from the deranged, spray-paint clouded mind of one Charlie Kelly. Legend has it that the Dayman (who may or may not be Kelly himself) developed some strange and remarkable powers, as a result of a strange (and very problematic) encounter with the Nightman, his archnemesis. One day, Kelly decided to turn the story into a song; Together with his drinking buddy Dennis Reynolds, the two formed a band called Electric Dream Machine and took the legend to the big stage.

The audience at Paddy's Pub came away from the performance relatively unmoved – there was a fair bit of heckling, due in no small part to the duo's ridiculous outfits – but YouTuber and "Always Sunny" fan Brian Nichols walked away with knowledge of "Dayman"'s true power: with its good-versus-evil storyline and über-dramatic arrangement, the song's as cvlt as it gets. Naturally, then, he's adapted Electric Dream Machine's classic into a Trivium-esque banger, which you can check out below. Charlie would be proud.

Here's the original performance, in all its glory:

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