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Metal Musicians React to the Death of Chuck Berry

Metal Musicians React to the Death of Chuck Berry

Rock and roll legend Chuck Berry died on Saturday, March 18, at his home at the age of 90. The cause of death has not yet been revealed.

Known for writing hit songs such as “Maybelline,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” “Sweet Little Sixteen” and “Johnny B. Goode,” the latter in which Carl Sagan launched into space in 1977 on an ‘Earth Sounds and Music’ disc, Berry was one of the first ever people to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Berry’s legacy touched and inspired many of today’s modern rock and metal musicians. Upon the news of his death, various members of the metal community took to twitter to pay tribute to the icon. The tweets can be seen below.

“One of the first solos I ever learned was Chuck Berry's. I'm truly  saddened this morning, as we've lost another legend. RIP Mr. Berry!” – Dave Mustaine, Megadeth

“Rest in Peace Chuck of the original rock and roll guitar legends....thank you for the music!” - Rush

“#rip Mr Chuck Berry Thank you for your contributions #legend #guitarist one of the 1st licks I've every learned is his. God bless. #guitarworld #guitarplayer” – Marcos Curiel, P.O.D.

“My profound respect and admiration to one of the founding fathers of rock and roll, who sadly passed today -- the late, great CHUCK BERRY” – Gene Simmons, KISS

“RIP CHUCK BERRY. Truly a cornerstone of all that is, was and will be Rock and Roll. An icon like few others.” – Paul Stanley, KISS

“I'm gonna be bummed if Keith Richards doesn't snort and/or smoke some of Chuck Berry's remains #RIPChuckBerry #RockNRoll.” – Jamey Jasta, Hatebreed

“Chuck Berry=1st lead gtr licks I ever learned. Direct impact on Beatles/Hendrix/ACDC/Prince/Lemmy & so many more RIP” – Alex Skolnick, Testament

“If you don't know how great Chuck Berry was please see the fantastic doc ‘Hail Hail Rock and Roll’ RIP Chuck Berry” – Brendon Small, Metalocalypse

“Chuck Berry didn't build this house ... Chuck Berry created the things to build the house in the first place.” – Zach Myers, Shinedown

“R.I.P. Chuck Berry #JohnnyBGood #legend” – Rob Caggiano, Volbeat

“Heart broken to hear of the passing of Chuck Berry. He was undisputedly the king. A moment of silence is definitely in order. RIP” – Slash, Guns ‘n’ Roses

“RIP Chuck Berry!  A pioneer for guitar playing and rock music!” – Paolo Gregoletto, Trivium

“RIP Chuck Berry.  Without him Rock n Roll wouldn't be what it came to be.” – Nikki Sixx, Sixx:A.M., Mötley Crüe

“Rest In Peace Chuck Berry!!! Thank you for the blue print and the road map! Hail! Hail! Rock n roll!!!!” – The Bronx

“RIP #ChuckBerry, the genesis behind the great sound of rock n roll. All of us in rock have now lost our father.” – Alice Cooper

“R.I.P Chuck Berry #chuckberry #rocknrollpioneer” Michael Amott, Arch Enemy

“Guitar playing. Songwriting Stagecraft. ALL OF IT. Chuck Berry” – Vernon Reid, Living Colour

“RIP #ChuckBerry He is the reason. He made it look fun. He made it possible. Thank you! ‘gone like a cool breeze’” – Living Colour

“’One of my big lights has gone out.’- Keith, 3/18/17” – Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones

“GOD BLESS The ROCK N' ROLL PONTIFF CHUCK BERRY - 1926/2O17 - tBLSt SDMF” – Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society

“Chuck Berry IS rock and roll! It's sad day for rock and roll, but his music will live on forever. Hail, hail rock and roll!!!!!” – AC/DC

In addition to Twitter tributes, original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward posted a lengthy tribute to his Facebook page, which said the following:

“Chuck Berry RIP

“When my grandchildren ask, what was rock 'n' roll? I will open my scrapbook to a time when a guitarist, singer and songwriter played and influenced untold thousands of musicians. Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, I would hold onto his coattails while he illuminated a reachable path to my wildest dreams.

“I'll show my grandchildren a picture of this suited up man dancing and playing on one leg and strutting across the stage. I'll play the first 30 seconds or so of “Johnny B Goode.” That's what rock 'n' roll looks and sounds like, kids. And when they ask who this man is, I'll tell them smiling, Chuck Berry, kids, Chuck Berry.

“Thanks, and RIP Mr. Berry.

“Our condolences to his family and fans.”

Revolver sends their condolences to Berry’s family and friends. R.I.P.

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