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Phil Anselmo Uncovered "Lost" Pantera Track

Phil Anselmo Uncovered

Since Pantera disbanded, fans have only seen one never-before-heard track surface. While “Piss” seemed to be the only “lost” track from the band, vocalist Phil Anselmo has revealed in an interview with Capitol Chaos TV that he uncovered a second unreleased Pantera song. According to the frontman, the track is all instrumental.

During the interview, Anselmo explained: “I did find a track I cannot make heads or tails out of and I know it's the guys… But I never did vocals over the top of it, and I'm sure back in the day there was good reason for it. It doesn't really do much — it's like riffs back and forth and that's that — so it must've been just a… I guess, a mulling type of idea that had gone on. Either we put it to bed or just moved on, because, truthfully, [with] Pantera there really was not that much [unreleased material] laying [around], there really wasn't. We used almost everything that we… um, would come up with, I guess, you know."

There is no word on whether or not the band plan on ever releasing the material. Do you think the unreleased track will ever see the light of day? Leave your theories in the comments!

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