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Album Review: DragonForce, 'Reaching into Infinity'

Album Review: DragonForce, 'Reaching into Infinity'
Long hailed as power metal’s ultimate speed demons, DragonForce has evidently learned that playing 200 beats per minute isn’t the only route to full-throttle jubilation. On the veteran British band’s seventh studio full-length, anthemic, mid-tempo sing-alongs provide some of the best moments, like the closing passages of “The Edge of the World” (that 11-minute epic also sees singer Marc Hudson surprisingly deviating into death metal growls). Producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth) respectfully maintains the video game splendor that grabbed fans on 2006’s “Through the Fire and Flames,” but 'Reaching Into Infinity' shows this sextet still has more universes to explore. LUCAS AYKROYD

Check out "Judgement Day" from 'Reaching Into Infinity.'

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