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Album Review: Ecstatic Vision, 'Raw Rock Fury'

Album Review: Ecstatic Vision, 'Raw Rock Fury'
If Ecstatic Vision’s 2015 debut, 'Sonic Praise,' found the Philadelphia rock band blasting their mix of heavy psych, kraut rhythms and proto-metal into outer space, their second album, 'Raw Rock Fury,' finds them plunging down from the cosmos and smacking into America’s Rust Belt, where they pick up a Motor City swagger worthy of the MC5 or—thanks to multi-instrumentalist Kevin Nickles—Fun House-era Stooges (the track “Keep it Loose,” seems an obvious homage). From start to the pulsating, three-part closer, “Twinkling Eye,” the group pulls you into their world of sweat, weirdness and fuzzed-out boogie rock that both feels familiar and leaves you guessing. JAMIE LUDWIG

Check out "The Electric Step" from 'Raw Rock Fury.'

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