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Album Review: Pallbearer, 'Heartless'

Album Review: Pallbearer, 'Heartless'
For some, the third album by lauded Arkansas quartet Pallbearer is a much-anticipated addition to the band’s influential catalog of ethereal doom metal. Tracks like “Thorns” and “Dancing in Madness” continue the band’s patented crossbreed of smoky chugs and far-out sonic filigrees, furthering the emotional edge of their sound. For others, the band’s tendency towards soaring prettiness instead of sludge punishment might make Heartless a little light-handed, lacking the full steamroller crush of classic stoner rock outfits. Still, those modern fans raised on the genre’s more recent output will love the chill, organic vibes present throughout this musical journey. CHRIS KROVATIN

Check out "I Saw the End" from 'Heartless.'

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