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Album Review: While She Sleeps, 'You Are We'

Album Review: While She Sleeps, 'You Are We'
It’s early days still, but Sheffield, U.K. metalcore band While She Sleeps have delivered the best album so far about post-Brexit/post-election anxiety. 'You Are We' is frantic and grim, preoccupied with personal and political disintegration, but it’s also huge. It takes everything the band does well—the group vocals, towering breakdowns, riffs like anvils—and smooths it out while plumping it up. Such is the standout track, “Silence Speaks,” which is a blistering examination of the divide between government and its citizens while featuring a cameo from Oli Sykes, frontman of crosstown friends Bring Me the Horizon. ALLISON STEWART

Check out "Silence Speaks" from 'You Are We.'

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