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Amaranthe, 'Maximalism'

Amaranthe, 'Maximalism'
Rising Swedish band Amaranthe has three singers and a sprawling sonic footprint that encompasses melodic metal, EDM, anthemic rock, and pop. These aren’t things that necessarily go well together, and Amaranthe can’t always make the case that they should. But its new disc is a typically omnivorous offering that isn’t called 'Maximalism' for nothing: Synth-heavy opener “Maximize” would be at home on the 'Stranger Things' soundtrack; “Fury” is a rapidfire, sung/growled death pop song, and singer Elize Ryd stomps through the heavy pop track “That Song” like a Scandinavian Rihanna. Like the rest of 'Maximalism,' she’s impressive to behold, even if she isn’t always convincing. ALLISON STEWART
Check out "That Song" from 'Maximalism.'


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