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Review: Hark, 'Machinations'

Review: Hark, 'Machinations'
Led by Taint frontman James “Jimbob” Isaac, Hark’s 2014 debut, 'Crystalline,' showed the Welsh metal band to be somewhat of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, reeling in listeners with the familiar sounds of traditional sludge and hard rock, only to eviscerate them once the full extent of their musical range and prowess became apparent. Hark’s second album, 'Machinations,' pushes that framework even further, seamlessly churning between thick, fuzzed-out grooves, muscular hardcore, math rock, proggy explorations, and more, often within the same song. Atmospheric post-rocker, “Premonitions,” and soulful, shape-shifting closer, “The Purge,” are highlights, but virtually every track has something new to reveal on repeat listen. JAMIE LUDWIG
Check out "Fortune Favours" from 'Machinations.'

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