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Review: Red Fang - Murder the Mountains

Review: Red Fang – Murder the Mountains

Drunkenly stumbling from the cold, musically fertile shores of Portland, Red Fang practice the same stonery, uptempo rock that the Sword, Torche, and dozens of others have ridden to acclaim throughout the aughties. Their take on it is decidedly simple, with a focus on catchy riffs and concise grooves. But unlike the aforementioned two bands […]

Review: Obscura - Omnivium

Review: Obscura – Omnivium

Perhaps no subgenre of metal varies in quality as much as technical death metal. For every beautifully composed and tastefully written display of savage art, there are four releases of self-indulgent guitar noodling. Obscura’s previous release, 2009’s Cosmogenesis, fell much closer to the latter category than the former. On Omnivium, however, Obscura have created an album […]

Review: Trap Them - Darker Handcraft

Review: Trap Them – Darker Handcraft

Combining a guitar tone ripped straight from the amps of Stockholm death-metal stalwarts like Entombed and Dismember with the intensity of hardcore, Trap Them’s devastating 2008 salvo, Seizures in Barren Praise, poised them as new leaders in the extreme-music scene. Two and a half years and one EP later, the band members return on Darker […]

Review: Gridlink - Orphan

Review: Gridlink – Orphan

To call Gridlink’s new album Orphan “intense” would be a massive understatement. For those unfamiliar with the group or its superb 2008 outing, Amber Grey, the sheer speed and fury contained in these 12 minutes could be shocking. But with a band composed of veterans of Discordance Axis, Haiyano Daisuki, and Kill the Client, it’s […]

Review: Maruta - Forward Into Regression

Review: Maruta – Forward Into Regression

The new album by grindcore torchbearers Maruta, Forward Into Regression, is fast, heavy, and unpredictable.  The group’s attack is, by the ridiculous standards of grindcore, midpaced, following in the steps of Phobia and dozens of other grindcore bands.  The disc is not without interesting moments.  A few riffs ape the dynamic chugs of Pig Destroyer […]