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Review: The Defiled - Daggers

Review: The Defiled – Daggers

The blending of ferocious metalcore and melodic electronic elements doesn’t always turn out right. But this British band, who are known for their blistering live shows, pulled it off fairly well on 2011’s Grave Times and again on Daggers. A Fear Factory-ish electro approach seeps into the throbbing-bass butchery of “The Infected” in a catchy […]

Review: Chimaira - Crown of Phantoms

Review: Chimaira – Crown of Phantoms

Sporting a new lineup that includes much of Atlanta chuggers Dååth, Chimaira have returned with a seventh full-length—to mixed results. While Crown of Phantoms features much of the band’s signature stomp-and-strangle aggression, and some especially scathing lyrics from frontman Mark Hunter, the loss of former guitarist Rob Arnold (to Six Feet Under, no less) is […]

Review: Legion - Woke

Review: Legion – Woke

There’s no doubting Legion’s heaviness. On its debut full-length, the young, Columbus, Ohio-bred five-piece does its best to irreparably damage listener’s eardrums with a death metal-leaning style of burly metalcore reminiscent of The Acacia Strain and Oceano. The band adds to this enough weedly Morbid Angel riffs (“He Became Death”) and Meshuggahesque stop-starts (“Righteous Dictation”) […]

Review: Panzerchrist - The 7th Offensive

Review: Panzerchrist – The 7th Offensive

This Danish squad has been crafting war-themed platters of blackened death metal since 1993. Here they go again, with guitar histrionics all over the place (the opening title track is the “Holy Wars” of bestial metal), the songs killer even when they’re near-not-songs (the 1:42 “Dogger Dead,” the totally disturbing 1:57 closer “Pig Parade”), the […]

Review: All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature

Review: All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature

With the highly-anticipated successor to 2011’s incendiary God Is War, All Pigs Must Die (featuring member of Converge and The Hope Conspiracy) have somehow gone even more for the throat, barreling into their second album of crushing blackened thrash with every gun blazing. At times, this straightforward approach, along with a smoother production sound, strips […]

Review: Erimha - Reign Through Immortality

Review: Erimha – Reign Through Immortality

Their name is the ancient Sumerian word for “Army,” and this Québecois black-metal quintet sure sound like a conquering horde. Given the generally guttural nature of the vocals, it’s hard to say whether the lyrics are all bloody sword and ravaged lands stuff (hell, it’s not even clear what language the lyrics are in), but […]

Review: Deadlock - The Arsonist

Review: Deadlock – The Arsonist

Germany’s Deadlock have got their goth/power/melodic death-lite sound nailed so hard it hurts: Despite new male vocals this time around, the listener is still left wishing they’d deviate from their path more often. Sure, they’ve spent years getting their pop polish down, and those soaring female-vocal-led choruses are picture-perfect, but when they mix it up, […]

Review: Nations Afire - The Ghosts We Will Become

Review: Nations Afire – The Ghosts We Will Become

Nations Afire are a band composed of former veterans of Rise Against and Death by Stereo, as well as current members of Ignite; this, their debut, sees the band trying to take their hardcore roots and translate them into the modern-rock arena—a tricky proposition that Rise Against pulled off. Nations Afire sound best when they […]

Review: Valient Thorr - Our Own Masters

Review: Valient Thorr – Our Own Masters

After five albums, Valient Thorr’s asphalt-burning stew of hardcore punk, NWOBHM, and ’70s boogie-rock should come as a surprise only to those who haven’t already had their asses thoroughly kicked by it. What is shocking is how the Venus-born, Chapel Hill-based quintet continues to improve with each album; Our Own Masters delivers all the hairy, […]

Review: Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods

Review: Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods

No one delivers big, punch-in-the-face motifs better than Amon Amarth, and the Swedish melodic-death-metal titans have excelled themselves on their ninth studio album. Produced by Andy Sneap (Opeth, Accept), Deceiver of the Gods is at turns martial (“Father of the Wolf”), elegiac (“Under Siege”), blatantly neo-classical (“As Loke Falls”), and firmly committed to traditional Priest- […]