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Review: Clutch - Earth Rocker

Review: Clutch – Earth Rocker

Ten studio albums in, Clutch deliver here pretty much everything you’ve come to expect from them: bluesy rock, blustery but impressively precise riffage, beards, and story songs about robots. On their first record in almost four years, the band vacillates between old-school ’70s balladry (“Gone Cold”), mock horror film boogie woogie (“The Wolfman Kindly Requests…”), […]

Review: Shai Hulud - Reach Beyond The Sun

Review: Shai Hulud – Reach Beyond The Sun

Old-schoolers Shai Hulud helped invent metalcore, combining jagged metallic riffing with emotive hardcore in a way that worked. And all these years later, they’re still mixing the more melodic sounds of Revelation Records’ roster (check out the powerful “Medicine to the Dead”) with the intense strains of the HC underground (think deep Unbroken tracks, then […]

Review: Devourment - Conceived in Sewage

Review: Devourment – Conceived in Sewage

On their fourth full-length and Relapse Records debut, Dallas regurgitators Devourment do entirely what you expect them to, pumping out nine tracks of “slam,” the chuggy, breakdown-choked death-metal subgenre they’ve helped spearhead. While spirited in their performance, this brutal quartet lack the dynamism and versatility of label-mates Dying Fetus, resulting in a relatively entertaining record […]

Review: Big Wreck - Albatross

Review: Big Wreck – Albatross

This is not so much a Big Wreck reunion as it is guitarist Brian Doherty joining the self-titled band frontman Ian Thornley started after the two split up a decade ago. But we’re not quibbling. Albatross, which went Top 5 in the group’s native Canada last year, is an engagingly diverse set that’s a bit […]

Review: Hate - Solarflesh

Review: Hate – Solarflesh

Among death metal’s unsung greats, these Polish Morbid Angel-lovers have, on their eighth album, nailed the best of modern no-frills death metal: full-speed blast beats, grimy sludge, and just enough experimentation to keep things interesting, from keyboard flourishes and a sense of drama that borders on ludicrous but still works to Spanish-style guitar intro to […]

Review: Cult of Luna - Vertikal

Review: Cult of Luna – Vertikal

Inspired by the classic Fritz Lang film Metropolis, the Swedish octet’s sixth album draws on a surprising range of influences—early synthpop, ’60s prog, classic krautrock—to find the right palette of instrumental colors for these brooding soundscapes. They take their time with them, too, teasing out the melodic power of each idea through steady, restrained repetition. […]

Review: Nightfall - Cassiopeia

Review: Nightfall – Cassiopeia

The long-running Greek outfit serve up a little bit of everything on their brutal, mostly solid new disc: symphonic metal, death metal, goth, prog. It’s all in service to Nightfall’s own peculiar set of lyrical preoccupations, which this time around seem to include Egyptian mythology, astronomy, free-floating mysticism, and something about reptiles. Past Nightfall albums […]

Review: Rotten Sound - Species at War

Review: Rotten Sound – Species at War

With their follow-up to 2011’s Cursed full-length, Finnish grind demons Rotten Sound continue their long-running tradition of one- and two-word song titles while delivering six crushing tracks in an eight-minute blitzkrieg on your stereo and face. Fusing Napalm Death’s feral intensity with Entombed’s classic ’90s guitar tone, the band unfurls frantic, lockstep blasts (opener “Cause,” […]

Review: Fall City Fall - Victus

Review: Fall City Fall – Victus

Let’s face it: Metalcore has gotten a bit same old, same old­ lately. Yet Calgary, Canada’s Fall City Fall wield a big, heavy slap shot of creativity that shatters the monotony. While the dual-vocals of Nathan Zorn and Keenan Pylychaty echo the pained snarls of Rites of Spring, Ignition, and other Dischord-label innovators, the multifaceted […]

Review: Incite - All Out War

Review: Incite – All Out War

This second album from Phoenix groove thrashers Incite—featuring Soulfly’s Max Cavalera’s stepson Richie Cavalera on vocals—is full of mean riffing and serious aggression. “Feel the Flames” hits like Pantera; “Retaliation” has a killer balance of melodies and intense thrash guitar work. Richie has Max’s sense of subtlety, meaning none whatsoever, and his band’s latest plows […]