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Review: Endwell - Punishment

Review: Endwell – Punishment

When New York City-based quintet Endwell were recording their third album, Punishment, they were obsessed with a wide variety of influences, including electronic music, Elliott Smith, and the Beatles. What comes through most, though, is their expert fusion of metal and hardcore. The first song off the album, “Greater Haste,” begins with 15 seconds of […]

Review: Winds of Plague - Against the World

Review: Winds of Plague – Against the World

Back at it , deathcore crew Winds of Plague–who are playing the Revolver Golden Gods Pre-Party in their hometown of Los Angeles tonight–have released their fourth album, Against the World, which is their most progressive and mature to date. As with their previous records, the band still uses its eerie symphonic elements, but  they have […]

Review: Asking Alexandria - Reckless & Relentless

Review: Asking Alexandria – Reckless & Relentless

On Reckless & Relentless, the second full-length by English screamo-inflected metalcore outfit Asking Alexandria—who are performing at the 2011 Revolver Golden Gods in L.A. on April 20—the group expands its sound by incorporating more bits of techno and industrial, from the booming drum intro on “Closure” to the orchestral closer “Morte e Dabo.” The album’s first […]

Review: Dr. Acula - Slander

Review: Dr. Acula – Slander

Dr. Acula likes to party, and that’s exactly what the Long Island group does on their recent album, Slander, where it mixes metal, hardcore, grindcore, and death metal. From funny samples like The 40 Year-Old Virgin clip at the end of “Fire Crotch” to impossibly acrobatic guitar playing throughout the record, it’s OK to laugh […]