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Collections: Demon Hunter's Ryan Clark Picks His 6 Favorite Things in the World

“I would definitely say I have a collector’s mentality,” Demon Hunter singer Ryan Clark says. “When I was younger, it was baseball cards. For two seconds, it was stamps. Then it was comic books, and after that, it became music. I can get pretty obsessive.”

Currently, Clark’s obsessive tendencies are equally balanced between the visual and audial. His dual interests are reflected in the pieces that make up his personal collection. - Richard Bienstock

1. Favorite Music Medium: Vinyl
“I worked at a record store for about three years, and I would spend my entire paycheck there. I probably have somewhere between 5,000 and 8,000 CDs, but I also have a lot of vinyl. In general, I’m pretty selective with my vinyl. I like the larger format. For the most part, I have to dig the artwork as well as the music. Any record that fit both of those bills I’m gonna have, like Dark Side of the Moon or the first Danzig album.”

2. Favorite Hog: Harley-Davidson
“I bought this ’79 Ironhead Sportster about two years ago, and I’m pretty obsessed with it. I put on the sissy bar, changed the seat, and did a few other minor changes.”

3. Favorite Random S**T: Oddities
“I like little oddity-type things, creepy stuff you’d find in an old shop—like doll heads, skulls, anatomical pieces. A lot of this stuff winds up being used in designs for album packaging and other things. I’ll buy something for a cover then just keep it for my collection.”

4. Favorite Clothing Item: T-shirts
“If I’m at a show and digging the band, I’ll usually pick up a shirt or two. At this point I probably have between 150 and 200 band shirts. You can’t really see it, but here I’m wearing an At the Gates shirt with the original logo.”

5. Favorite Trophies: Grammy Medallions
“I have two. I got them for my nominations for design work on Norma Jean’s O God, the Aftermath and Fair’s The Best Worst-Case Scenario. Anyone who’s nominated for a Grammy gets a medal. They’re pretty rad.”

6. Favorite Playthings: Invisible Creature toys
“I have tons of toys, but this is one of my favorites. It’s called Leroy. We started doing these about a year-and-a-half ago as a collaboration with Super7. We’re working on a few new toys together now, but this one’s special because it’s the first one we did.”

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