Photos: Slipknot “Memorial World Tour” This Summer

With the release of our new Slipknot special collector’s issue, we’re celebrating Slipknot month on, unleashing new interviews, photos, favorite Slipknot song picks from a host of celeb columnists, and much more. So check back right here often. For the issue, Slipknot’s Shawn “Clown” Crahan was kind enough to share with us never-before-seen photos of their heralded comeback “Memorial World Tour” this summer, when the band was joined onstage by an effigy of their fallen bassist Paul Gray, featuring his original mask, coveralls, and bass. Below are some of the photos that didn’t fit in the issue; they were all taken by Bobbie Tongs, with treatment by Clown himself.


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  • Bgarletts

    nobody will ever take your place bro god bless u

  • Adin Santillana

    Sid Wilson and the Paul Gray effigy – when i see this pic, i was become sad. i miss paul.. i love slipknot….

  • magot man

    owesome pic but i miss paul very much paul will stay in the hertof all member of slipknot RIP PAUL 

  • magot man

    owesome pic but i miss paul very much paul will stay in the hertof all member of slipknot RIP PAUL 

  • Daisydevv

    My most favorite band..and that was the sadest day. No body can replace you Pau

  • Evanescent-soul

    sad… sad.

  • Evanescent-soul

    sad… sad.

  • Marthazcasto

    Nerds gonna hate. Sad this band gets more shit than Disturbed (a band that truly has no emotion or passion).

  • AustinR198

    4 days till tour see u there

  • Lucas R

    Only 3 days till the band who helped me through my life be here, in Brazil, and im going to see them live. Unbelievable, gives me chills.

  • Number2 lives on

    I have waited soooo long to see Slipknot and now I will and I may cry from the excitment. You guys are my heroes. OMG I´m going to fucking see SLIPKNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Slipknot Please come to South Africa one year…

  • MHonnB

    I love this band and the whole crew that constructsthe monster Slipknot. Can’t wait to see them in Rock in Rio. They’ll be exceptionally hosted with brazilian warm careless and madness. Paul Grey will be there in everybody’s heart and mind. Using the words of our wise clown, “Slipknot is not a band, it’s a culture”

  • Katlyn Von G

    It’s me with Shawn (I’m french). My name is Kath von G !!! Great picture :)

  • Icp9490

    wow cool i like his pic

  • Dinmor

    i would kill for a drumset like that..

  • Justin Kirby

    I have yet to see a pic of the shot taken at the end of the Knebworth show, where they all pose in front of the stage with Paul’s effigy as well as Donnie Steele, with the shot of the crowd behind them….