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Jamey Jasta Reveals the Five Most Unexpected Things You’ll Find on His iPod

Jamey Jasta Reveals the Five Most Unexpected Things You’ll Find on His iPod

You know Jamey Jasta as the roaring lead throat behind Hatebreed and Kingdom Of Sorrow—but with the upcoming release of his first solo album, Jasta (eOne), tomorrow, get ready to meet Jamey Jasta the genre-hopping rock songwriter. In between talking with us about the new disc’s alternately radio-friendly and speaker-shredding jams for Revolver's new issue, Jasta revealed some of the more surprising sounds that inform his everyday listening habits.

Electric Light Orchestra
"People think I listen to hardcore and Slayer all day, but I like a lot of old rock music—stuff like Deep Purple, Blue Öyster Cult, Bee Gees, Boston, ELO. With ELO, I’m just amazed at all the hooks and different styles they were able to incorporate into their sound. Their stuff is just so imaginative; you’re just like, “What was their inspiration?” I like that, because as a songwriter, it makes you dig to find answers."

"I’m actually a big Weezer fan in general, but the one song that stands out to me is 'Island In The Sun.' Wherever I go with my daughter, we end up hearing that song somewhere—it’s become this little game for us that someday we’re going to have our own little 'island in the sun.' No joke, man: I want that song played at my funeral."

"I feel like there’s this perception that I’m anti-hip-hop, but that’s just the opposite. Nas stands out for me just because he’s such an amazing lyricist, but I listen to a lot of stuff: I like Mobb Deep, Cormega—a lot of hip-hop from Queens, actually.  I picked up that Ill Bill/Vinnie Paz record Heavy Metal Kings not too long ago—I’ve been listening to that a lot."

Gwen Stefani
"This is another one I can thank my daughter for. I originally started throwing Gwen Stefani songs on my iPod just to keep my daughter happy, but I have to tell you, man, the stuff rubbed off on me. She’s really good."

Alice In Chains
"I don’t know if this one is totally surprising, but I think it was a big inspiration on how I approached the more melodic stuff on Jasta, particularly the song I did with Phil Labonte [All That Remains vocalist], 'Something You Should Know.'  It’s hard to pick a favorite record, but Black Gives Way To Blue was a really inspiring one for me. I felt like they did the impossible; coming back with an unknown singer and putting out a record that holds up to the stuff they did with Layne Staley."

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