Photos: Preview the 2014 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Calendar

The 2014 edition of Revolver‘s annual Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock calendar—featuring Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies on its cover and exclusive pinups of 15 of the loveliest ladies in heavy music—is available online. The calendar also packs plenty of hard-rock and metal trivia, including landmark album release dates, historic concerts, musician birthdays, and much more! Get yours now.


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  • Kirstie1366

    January by far the hottest month !

  • C.J.

    Meg Morrison of Fair Struggle
    Erika Lauren of Hawkeye
    Heather St’ Marie of Hydrovibe
    Ashley Grenor of Anndale
    Gretchen Mann
    Alexx Calise
    Gina Salatino of Some Fear None
    Caitlyn Mae of Fighting The Villian
    Juilet Simms
    they all deserve to be on the hottest chicks in Hard Rock & Metal issue

  • C.J.

    Helena Coats of Spider Rockets
    Sever of Sumo Cyco
    Emily Lazar of September Mourning
    Sammi Doll of IAMX
    Allison Iratheta of Halo Circus
    Kiddo of I Killed The Symphony
    Holly Wood & Nikki Mckibbin of Love Stricken Demise
    Nikki Blakk
    Also deserve to be on the hottest chicks in Hard Rock & Metal Issue

  • Jestin Lightner

    It is without question that September is the hottest month.


    I know Heidi and Carla personally and they are inspiring the next generation of female metalheads! I love my Butcher Babies!!

  • C.J.

    Jenny Mann of Blameshift
    Amanada of Fall Prey
    Lauren C. Reyna,Zoe Kissel Alayna Brooke of The Porcleain Doll Collection
    Lee Marie Hostetter of Children 18:3
    Bear of Neurotic November
    Deserve to be in the hottest chicks in hard rock & metal issue.

  • Fernando

    … and Maria Brink? D:

  • MiseryMouse

    February is by far the hottest month !

  • Marisol Garcia

    Juliet Simms and Maria Brink deserve to be in this issue/calendar.

  • Richie

    Jan. and Feb. are the best! I would have rather seen Ariel of Icon for Hire in there somewhere as well!

  • ASolutionToAProblem

    Not a great picture of Taylor. She is much hotter than that pic

  • Juju snake

    Juliet simms should be there

    • tayzombie

      As much as I like Juliet Simms, she doesn’t qualify she isn’t hard rock.

  • Impressed

    Elize Ryd and Chelsea Wolfe? Sign me up. And the Rodriguez sisters are always favourites

  • Steven Flores

    I ALWAYS THANK GOD FOR WOMEN ! I love the favorites REVOLVER has chosen for the ” HOT CHICKS “

  • John Reece

    nuthing better than chicks who arent buuble gum pop top 40 bs Like da skanks cyrus, spears ect

  • John Reece

    They can actually use their instruments and create unlike Cyrus,Spears and countless other white trash top 40 bubblegum skanks

  • John Reece

    this calendar should come with hand lotion! LOL

  • Alan Gentry

    I love the photos but this thing lacks one big thing, Maria Brink(I know she was in it before but f*** it she is one hot mama)

  • C.J.

    Scarlett Dark of Lipshok
    Ande Loescher of Mayhem Mary
    Francheska of Bad Seed Rising
    Shawna Sommers & Alvarez of Gypsy Flight
    Diamonds Under Fire
    Should be on the hottest chicks of hard rock & metal issue

  • Joseph

    Am I the only one who thought February was the hottest? Ash Costello makes my knees weak.

  • archer1203

    Dark haired girl from butcher babies is prettiest

  • Demonfire965

    Carla Harvey, Heidi Shepherd, and Elize Ryd. But none from Crucified Barbara?

  • MrsMassacr3

    March is the best.

  • Lillith

    January is the Best!!!

  • Michael Baldwin

    I was worried there for a second izzy wasn’t on here