A Pale Horse Named Death’s Sal Abruscato Reveals His Favorite Snakes

Sal Abruscato has made his name pounding the drums with Brooklyn metal stalwarts like Type O Negative and Life of Agony. Now he’s singing, playing guitar, and writing the songs for new hard-rock band A Pale Horse Named Death, who drop their debut album, And Hell Will Follow Me (SPV/Steamhammer), tomorrow. While the group’s moniker is equine in nature, Abruscato’s tastes when it comes to animal companions are decidedly serpentine, as he makes clear here.

Mexican Black King Snake
“A solid jet-black snake that derives from the desert. It is cannibalistic and feeds on rattlesnakes!”

Sal Abruscato's Mexican Black King snake, named Johnny Cash

Mexican milk snake
“Looks almost identical to the venomous Southern Coral snake and I own it.”

Abruscato's Mexican Milk Snake, named Ringo Snake

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
“The essence of the Wild West of America.”

Mangrove Snake
“Rear fanged venomous snake that is solid black with yellow rings that screams hazardous material.”

Spitting Cobra
“Fascinates me because this venomous snake can spit venom into your eyes at 20 feet!”


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