Aaran McKenzie of While She Sleeps Picks the Top Five Misconceptions about the British

Sheffield, England, is the hometown to metalcore band While She Sleeps. As a city that earned worldwide reputation for its steel production during the Industrial Revolution, it became known as the “Steel City.” But sometimes reputations are not so accurate. So Revolver had bassist Aaran Mckenzie–whose band will release its new album, This Is the Six, on November 6–tell us the top five misconceptions about the British.


1. Posh Accents











“Generally people have the misconception that everyone from England are posh and well-spoken. Not really the case. If you’ve ever been to anywhere in Yorkshire you’ll know what I mean. People from other countries often find it hard to understand us.”

2. Knowing the Queen







“Everyone thinks we know the queen. It’s really just a joke that people make about us–like, we relate other cultures to certain things. But, no, I have never had tea and crumpets with her.”

3. Brutal Teeth










“One of the main misconceptions is that every British person has bad teeth. For example, when a cartoon like The Simpsons or Family Guy perceive an English man, they always have crooked teeth. To be fair, our teeth really aren’t that bad.”

4. Love of Tea









“The fact that we drink a lot of tea isn’t 100% true. I don’t drink tea and none of us in the band drink tea every single day. We drink tea like anyone else, but we don’t live off it.”

5. Fish and Chips







“We’re quite known for being the fish-and-chips culture. We probably eat it a lot more than anyone else, but it’s really the coasts that are known for their ‘chippys.'”


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