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Aaron Lewis Picks His Top Five Country Artists For Metalheads

Aaron Lewis Picks His Top Five Country Artists For Metalheads

On September 13, Staind will release their first album in over three years and their heaviest disc since 1999’s Dysfunction. Throughout the self-titled record, vocalist Aaron Lewis--who is interviewed in the new issue of Revolver, available on newsstands everywhere and online right here--howls, roars, and croons as if he’s rediscovering the cathartic power of metal. It’s a far cry from the mellow, melodic direction of the band’s last few albums and an even further step from the sounds of Lewis’ solo EP, Town Line, which came out in March and features genuine, no-frills Country & Western songs Lewis wrote to showcase his love of the genre.

The album even includes contributions by country legends George Jones and Charlie Daniels on “Country Boy.” To prove he knows his country as well as his hard rock, Lewis drew up a list of the five best country artists for metal fans.

“When I was approached for the list, I kinda laughed about it because metalheads don’t listen to country,” Lewis tells Revolver. “But there are some country guys that have the same sort of maverick attitude as a lot of metal fans.”

In an effort to indoctrinate the hordes of uninitiated Slayer fans who think country music is all Tim McGraw and Shania Twain, here's who Lewis recommends checking out:

David Allan Coe
"For classic country, he was the ultimate rebel. He didn’t follow any of the trends and he rarely did anything people told him to do."

Charlie Daniels
"Dammit, he can sing and play the hell out of his fiddle, and he loves this country just as much as Staind or any patriotic metal band."

Johnny Cash
"He was the man in black. He sang about love and hate and death with amazing style. His voice was so low and commanding. He wrote great songs and he was a total outlaw."

Merle Haggard
"These days, most country artists express themselves in an upbeat way unlike Merle Haggard. He delved into the darker side of things and made you feel it."

Jamey Johnson
"He’s a new guy that has that same sort of dark attitude and imagery as Johnny Cash or, shit, myself for that matter."

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