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Andrew Hulme of West of Hell Lists the Top Five Most Influential Drummers

Andrew Hulme of West of Hell Lists the Top Five Most Influential Drummers

Earlier this year, pyromaniacal metal outfit West of Hell released their debut full-length, Spiral Empire. A fiery personality behind the kit, drummer Andrew Hulme offers here his picks for the five drummers who have influenced him the most.





1. Vinnie Paul, Pantera  "Cowboys from Hell was the first metal album I bought when I was 12. Vinnie Paul was the first metal drummer that had a big impact on me."

2. Nick Menza, Megadeth "I pretty much learned how to play drums to Rust in Peace. At that point I had never taken lessons. That album and Nick Menza were my drum teacher."

3. Gene Hoglan, Death  "I was about 19 when I first heard Gene. I couldn’t get over the complexity of Symbolic and Individual Thought Patterns. It was the heaviest thing I’d heard at that point. It took me years to wrap my head around what Gene was doing on those albums."

4. Lars Ulrich, Metallica "As much as people slag on the guy for his playing, it's the simplicity of his style that I like. It’s mostly his slow groove beats that’ve rubbed off on me."

5. Chris Adler, Lamb of God  "Ashes of the Wake was another massively inspiring album. But mainly it was the fact that I learned that he was around 20 when he first got real serious about drumming. I was about the same age when I got heavy into playing. It reassured me that I wasn’t too old to start playing at a high level."

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