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Anthrax Guitarist Scott Ian Shares Five Of His Favorite Comic Books

Anthrax Guitarist Scott Ian Shares Five Of His Favorite Comic Books

Anthrax riff-master Scott Ian isn’t just a thrash-metal pioneer—and the axman in new supergroup the Damned Things—he’s also a big-time comic-book connoisseur, and even wrote a two-issue, Lobo story for DC Comics, with illustration by Sam Keith. Now he’s working on a new mini-series starring the character Etrigan, The Demon, also for DC. Here are some of Ian’s picks for the comic books that belong in any self-respecting metalheads’ library.

(DC Comics)
by Alan Moore, art by Dave Gibbons

"The best 'comic book' ever written. It sets the standard to which every story, comic or otherwise, should be held. See the movie, but only after you've read the book."

The Joker
(DC Comics)
by Brian Azzarello, art by Lee Bermejo

"If Heath Ledger was still alive, this Joker-centric tour de force could have been the next Batman film. This is Ledger's Joker at his insanely, murderous best. Dig Azzarello’s take on the Penguin. Genius."

(Dark Horse)
by Frank Miller

"The 'true' story of Spartan King Leonidas and his 300 men, who took on the invading Xerxes and his million-man march. Miller’s Spartan style (pun intended) works perfectly as he unfolds this tale of violent heroism. Read this, then pick up the DVD. You’ll scream, 'Tonight we dine in Hell!!' for a week. Well I did, anyway."

Green Lantern Blackest Night
(DC Comics)
by Geoff Johns, art by Ivan Reis

"Zombie superheroes brought to life by the Black Lanterns. Soooooo metal!"

Batman and Robin
(DC Comics)
by Grant Morrison, art by Frank Quitely

"Dick Grayson has donned the cowl and that little prick Damian Wayne is the new Robin. Grayson is no Bruce Wayne and it’s a good thing. Great story; great new villain, Pyg; and action, action, action. Morrison’s reboot wins."

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