Attack Attack! Drummer Andrew Wetzel’s Five Reasons Why Being in a Band Rules

Tomorrow “crabcore” leaders Attack Attack! release Deluxe Reissue, an expanded version of the band’s 2010 breakthrough self-titled album, which features new artwork and eight bonus tracks (four new songs, two acoustic songs, and two remixes) for a total of 18 tracks. Attack Attack! have been busy touring nonstop over the past three years, and this summer they are headlining the Vans Warped Tour, making it their 3rd year in a row playing. Clearly, Attack Attack! are having the time of their lives–here drummer Andrew Wetzel explains exactly why being in a band is totally awesome.

1) You don’t have to pursue any kind of education whatsoever.

2) Assuming you aren’t a total dick, it’s really easy to make a ton of friends all over the world.

3) Assuming you or your bandmates aren’t complete idiots, you can potentially make a ton of money.

4) You get to employ your friends and make them perform menial tasks throughout the day because you literally pay their bills.

5) Girls love you and hang up pictures of you all over their bedrooms.

Check out “Smokahontas” off Attack Attack! below:


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  • Daniel “DR” Roe

    …………………….and you get make art, right?

    loljk. I’ve listened to this band.

  • Anonymous
  • Dignite Li

  • Dignite Li

  • Billy Martin

    None of these are real reasons to pursue music. Says a lot about this band.