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Big Brother Star Adam Poch on the Metal Legends With Which He'd Like to be House-Bound

Big Brother Star Adam Poch on the Metal Legends With Which He'd Like to be House-Bound

Season 13 of TV reality show Big Brother has just wrapped and the $500,000 grand prize has been claimed. Unarguably the most eccentric of the bunch was Adam Poch, a 39-year-old music inventory manager originally from East Brunswick, New Jersey, and currently living in Hoboken. While the meta head was stuck in the Big Brother house without any headbanging music, he still managed to represent his true passion during his time on the show. Poch sent out props to the Big Four on the season finale, propositioning Julie Chen on national TV to ask if she could talk to Sharon Osbourne and hook him up to meet Ozzy, and he did all of his post-show press in an Overkill shirt!

We caught up with Poch recently to find out which metal legends he wished he had been stuck with in the Big Brother house and why:

Ozzy Osbourne
"He would make us all laugh with his antics

—and he would not be a threat to win competitions 'cause he would probably space out halfway through. I could easily manipulate him saying "Sharon would want you to do this..."

Ted Nugent
"He is in great shape and would probably kick ass in physical challenges. Plus, he is one hell of a cook and could keep me fat and happy. Although he would probably make some sort of weapons out of common household utensils and start hunting us in the backyard for fun!"

Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead
"He would end up getting pissed off at everyone else and making himself a huge target, which would help me get further. Plus, how amazing would it be to say 'I vote to evict Lemmy!' Just gotta hope he is not on the jury because he would never vote for me to win if I evicted him."

Scott Ian, Anthrax
"Need someone from the NYC area to get my sarcasm. He is not that tall—so he would do well in the endurance challenges, where taller people seem to fail. Plus, if he was my partner, I could carry him around much easier than I did Dominic. We would be the New Jew Review Alliance!

Angela Gossow, Arch Enemy
"The house needs some eye candy. No brainer here!"

Mike Muir, Suicidal Tendencies
"Just for motivational speeches alone, he would get me all pumped up before a challenge. Plus, the man is smart and strong. Down the stretch, we would all have to get him out since he would be the biggest threat to win it all. But, if not, I would not mind voting for him at the end to win. As long as he did not evict me before the final two like Rachel did!"

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