Bigelf Frontman Damon Fox Reveals His Five Favorite Oxymoronic Band Names

No, an oxymoron isn’t acne cleaner for really dumb people. As Merriam-Webster (a.k.a. the dictionary people) put it, an oxymoron is “a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness); broadly: something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements.” Another example of an oxymoron? Big elf. So we asked frontman Damon Fox to tell us his top contradictory band names.

Iron Butterfly
“The quintessential oxymoron. Perfect adjective describing a noun!”

Led Zeppelin
“’You’ll go down like a lead zeppelin.’ The Who’s Keith Moon to member of the band.”

Gentle Giant
“My personal favorite.”

Heavy Feather
“I just made this up… Not bad; has a ’60s vibe to it.”

“Our contribution to the oxymoronic band tree.”


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