Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack Picks His Top Five Stage Injuries in 2011

“I never anticipated seeing 40,” shrugs Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack when talking about the top five injuries he suffered in 2011, at least one of which could have been life-threatening. “I smoke two packs a day and drink like a camel. I just don’t really think about death. I know I’m gonna die one day, but if I can achieve all of my goals and live exactly the way I want to before then, I’ll have no regrets when I die. I don’t try to hurt myself like Iggy Pop or Marilyn Manson or anything–it’s just the byproduct of the chaos of being onstage.”

And his embrace of that chaos is one the things that make Biersack–who appears on the cover of Revolver‘s new, 100th issue, and whose band just released a new EP, Rebels–the fast-rising rock star that he is. The day after breaking his nose during a gig in Luxembourg, Biersack talked to Revolver from a hospital bed in London and revealed the top 5 stage accidents he suffered in 2011.

“We played a festival in Phoenix and normally I mock punch myself in the head with the mic, but I connected right with my temple and knocked myself out for the whole beginning of the first song of the set. I completely blacked out on the stage. For 50 or 60 seconds, I was lights out.”

On Your Knees
“I was on a tour in San Francisco. I tried to jump off the drum riser onto the stage and I tripped and landed right on both of my knees. I had to wear knee braces for the rest of the tour.”

A Nose for Drums
“Being a singer, I can easily break facial extremities, but breaking my nose in Luxembourg was extremely painful. I rolled backwards onstage and then stood up and I didn’t know I was right under the drum riser. The riser made contact on the bone right in the middle of my nose and cracked it from above my eyebrows right down the bridge. I fell down and was unconscious for a second. Then I got back up and went backstage to a mirror and saw it was huge and misshapen. They took me to the hospital in an ambulance.”

Warped Tooth
“On Warped Tour in Boise, Idaho, I broke my tooth on the mic. I took a pretty significant chunk out of my tooth and had to have it sanded down. It wasn’t the most painful injury, but it was the most unexpected one. I always knew I could break a leg or my nose, but I never thought I’d break my teeth.”

Stage Dive
“In June, we were in Los Angeles at our CD release show and I climbed 30 feet in the air on a marble pillar and tried to get back on the stage but missed by about eight feet. I landed on my ribs on another marble pillar that was sticking out of the ground. I shattered two ribs and displaced one.”


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  • Sharon

    Damn, he sure has hurt himself a lot. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.

  • Laura Dam

    Oh Andy… xD

  • Tati Turtle Patricia Rodriguez

    Alright, this kid needs bubble wrap now!

  • Ileana_chang01

    Fuck u bitch!

  • Sennen Phoenix

    Oh, you’re cool.

  • Rachi_riot

    People with no lives clicking on articles about bands they don’t like to post hate. Get a life. Or go have a wank. Whatever. 

  • stfunavi_

    …At least you’re putting the most into your performance, Biersack. 

  • Biersack NOT Bieber

    We all should just wrap Andy in bubble wrap, for the sake of the BVB Army and the rest of the band.

  • Ashleykx

    This all sounds extremely painful. gosh, Andy you’re very accident prone

  • jeanette arteaga

    poor andy we should totally wrap him in feathers and bubble wrap i am happy he gettin better:)

  • bubblewrapforalllll

    This whole band needs bubble wrap lol someone is always hurt but they’re great people none the less and their music is def big, like it or not.

    • Aileen Kinsley

      So true well more like andy gotta love them

  • Payne

    If you dont give a fuck why the hell did you read it!? Stick to your pop or rap or whatever the fuck you listen to but leave us outcasts alone. Enjoy your spending your life hating on things people that aren’t “normal” like. We’ll be here not giving a flying fuck.

  • SCOR12111965


  • Hurriicane Amalinaly

    my child! You have done much harm!  you’re so strong.

  • Fallen Angel 689

    Andy hun please don’t hurt yourself for a while. You can live life to the fullest without injuring yourself! <3

  • Lol

    poor sweety, always getting hurt… i think he needs bubble wrap now! don’t want anything worse to happen to him! <3

    • Shhhh…its a secret ^_^

      what is up w/ u people and bubblewrap? 

  • Meganh90196

    Its so painful to watch him fall. I cringe everytime I see the video. Love you Andy <3 BVB Army for life <3

  • SweetBlasphemy

    Andy, you really must stop hurting yourself. and guys, I got a better idea, instead of bubble-wrap, let’s get Andy the Batman suit and make him wear that on stage xD
    There’s no way he’ll hurt himself with that 😀

  • Fallenangelkiller

    andy your going to kill your self stop trying to fly

  • Bethany Mawgan

    andy im a singer in a band like you and i have fallen down lots of stage steps and broken my leg, nose, ribs and my arm it hurts a lot and i really hate being in e.r just try not to hurt yourself to much even if some times you cant help it <3 <3 p.s andy if you see this tell ashley purdy that i love him so much xxx

  • Priscillanoeljiemez

    awe your a truper for getting back on stage!!

  • fallenangelofdeath

    ya poor andy dont hurt your self will some one please wrap him in bubble wrap or he will kill himself or someone do some thing so he won’t hurt himself eneymore

  • Londonlover95

    Aww poor sexy Andy….hope ur ok now gorgeous ..I love u so much ..ur my inspiration <33 :')

  • blackfallenangeldeath

    you are really mean you asshole he did a good thing geting back on stage to finish their songs for that concert so fuck you you are a truper

  • sexycani

    oooooo i can feel it myself…i love you andy and hope you never break anything else!!!!

  • TragedyAlexandra

    he talked about the fall in a bryan starzzzz interveiw bryan said “did you feel more badass?” Andy replied  “Are you kidding me?!? i basically flopped!! But my hair looks AMAZING!”he is a trooper

    • Marissa

      I love that you said bryan starzzzz HAHAHA.. great interview

  • poive doile

    I have an idea we could wrap Andy in bubble wrap then stick him in the Batman sutie. No more accidents for Andy

    • MisfitHarley

      OMG I was thinking the same thing 😀

  • Melissa Gatt

     I love Andy to death, but he really should have gone back down, but it’s amazing for getting back up and fished the concert :)

  • BVBlovinemogirl

    justin beiber: hit with waterbottle…cries and goes offstage. Andy Sixx: breaks two ribs, displaces one….finishes show. See the difference?

    • lololololololol

      Andy Biersack*

  • Cassidy

    thats had to be so pain full for him

  • charlottejess

    at least andy doesnt run off stage crying when he shatters his ribs, knocks himself out etc.
    ahem like ive always said: justine bieber is a girl

  • Anonymous

    It is sad that Andy smokes 2 packs a day and never believed that he would live pass the age of 40, isn’t that being a cutter all over again? Granted that we may have been cutters at one point of our lives, that we suffered at the hands of bullies, that we started smoking as a form of rebellion or to way to deal with the pain…I got sick at the age of 23 when I had dreams and since then I have been in battle to avoid  the wheelchair with a degenerative disease that will eventually paralyse me from head too toe. 






    Someone that healed listening to your meaningfull songs.

    • TheMissunderstood666

      I fully agree with this post. I couldn’t even agree more.
      also if even one band member died I’d be so devastated and lonely/broken.

    • Kripple

      He meant he never anticipated 40 injuries on stage ?

  • AireulAmbrosia

    We need to put that man in a bubble, I swear.

  • Maloweena

    You need to wrap yourself in bubblewrap next time you wanna
    do something big. just to be secure. :)
    hope you dont get hurt next time you sexy beast 😛

  • CamiiBvB

    OMG Andy xc

  • TheMissunderstood666

    Haha My lil sexy man has been in the wars this year <3
    And doesn't seem to learn his lesson.
    Awwww I love him. Such an inspiration not for the bruising and breaking stuff but for his and christian's, ashley's, jinxx's and jake's music as a whole band. I hope this year get better for andy and the rest of the band xxx <3 xxx
    (Juilet can now kiss Andy better on each and every injury) :) x

  • Vanessa Suarez

    y do you always try to do stuff like tht andy? someday, ur just not gonna be able to bear the pain… be careful, if u go, all ur fans will miss you including the band and ur family.

  • Amanda Blackheart

    Where the fuck is the bubble wrap when you need it .______. I swear if he breaks another bone ima wrap him bubble wrap for the rest of his life xD

    • charlottejess

      ill help!

  • Marlay

    i likr the fact that jeffree starr was there! andy is like AWESOME hes always ok after breaking something! right? hes ok now!? right?

    • Savannah24677

      He’s alright now(: he’s almost done healing up from the nose break. Our sexy fallen angel is just fine <3

  • Lorynbrooks

    I love how he can completely fucking fall and fuck everything up, and all his fans still love him.

    • F4llen

      of course we all still love him! you can’t have an army unless your willing to take some hits and fall flat on your face sometimes!!! <3 but we love him from the bottom of our little blackened souls anyhow. <3  =)

  • Bnw1999

    i gess andy six is stronger than we all thought….. i wish him luck and will still continue to lison to is awsome music ..

  • Hugzfromhell

    I  think it’s safe to say Andy is crazy. 

  • Siris32254

    i think hes trying to get attention :p he cant be a total badass like Jinxx or Ashley xD

    • Shhhh…its a secret ^_^

      ok dude first of all Jinxx is just scary im sorry Jinxx please forgive me and second of all Ashley looks like a girl im sorry Ashley dont hate me

    • Shhhh…its a secret ^_^

      ok dude first of all Jinxx is just scary im sorry Jinxx please forgive me and second of all Ashley looks like a girl im sorry Ashley dont hate me

  • Dinowalker13

    His mom needs to bubble wrap him

  • Lili_Sixx_01

    My Poor Andy Falls Breaks His Ribs Gets Up And Still Sings For Us That What I Call Love!!!

  • DessiVonVanity_01

    Andy we still love you <3 BVB Forever <3

  • Music_is_life

    Seriously, we need to wrap him in bubble wrap :’)

  • German_

    He always get hurt…..

  • Teaofdoom

    i thought he was a girl

    • Shhhh…its a secret ^_^

      how could u think he was a girl?! 

  • Madie_Vanity

    I hate how he says he doesn’t care about dying. Seriously Andy? You have an entire army of fans who’d be absolutely heartbroken if you died. Please, buy some bubble wrap, quit smoking, and don’t jump off tall objects. You aren’t actually batman. <3 :)

    • BekkiiVeilBiersack

      he just wishes he was batman, and yes i agree with you on the fact he needs to stop hurting him by jumping off stuff and getting hit with a drum riser 

    • Maddymoo67

      Its kinda hard to quit smoking if it was easy i think my parents would have stopped a while ago

  • Shhhh…its a secret ^_^

    Bubblewrap for realz dude all he needs to do is stop jumping off of marble pillars and start looking b4 he rolls. there see no more bruises 4 andy! maybe

  • F4llen_angel1995

    Andy, your almost as clumsy as me! xD i think you need something STRONGER than bubble wrap if you want to live to the age of 25!….jeez…someone get out the giant plastic bubbles already!

    • emogirlluvsandy:]xxxx

      andy has got to live 4 ever cos he is epic but i dont think its likley

  • Beatriz Dantas

    :(Andy por favor não faça nada q possa tirar vc da genti !!    somos fãs q te amamos no alto ou no chão, então se preucupe mais com vc, porque nos preucupamos com vc mais do que tudo !! ^^       sz te amo Andy

  • threedaysgracefan1998

    Andy you and me are alike we both get hurt alot. Next time be carfull. And Black Veil Brides are the best fucking band in the world :D.

  • threedaysgracefan1998

    Andy if you hurt yourself so bad that you die I would have to kill myself. You have an army of people who love you and the band please be more carful and look next time.You are the best band in the world and I can’t stand to see you get hurt nether can my friends.

  • BvBluverforever99

    Awh poor Andy<3 I saw the stage dive video on YouTube and almost cried :((

  • XXFallenAngelXx28

    i cried when he got hurt. aww poor andy.

  • Emobunnie Iloveyou

    Jeffree Star in the background after he fell?? i thinks so

  • Emobunnie Iloveyou

    glad he is ok too ^_^

  • Captain Milf

    Hey guyz, its Captain MILF!! This band blows. You should all fart in each others mouth and die while I sodomize Black Veil Brides.

    • Tricia_ldx

      Ughhhhh really? Just don’t listen!

    • xXemobabeXx

      shut up and get off this site if u hate them soo much

  • Supersam

    Poor Andy :(

  • Princess Jeiga

    oh my god you poor thing i hope nothing else happens because your fans family amd friend would be shattered 


    you guys need to read the first part again hes not afraid of dying he should break more shit and kick more ass
    not a poor guy

    • DevilandGrace51

       i agree

  • Tricia_ldx


  • Natalie osuna

    ashley purdys so so SOOO SEXY!!!

  • Karen Ross


  • Herabeara2

    I love you andy. You poor thing. Y do u hav to go throu all tht pain.

    • jessica beirsack

      for real he doesnt deserve that….. my baby!!!!!

  • Gillian sixx

    omg it makes wanna cry how he hurts himself on accident so mch!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tiger Namgyal

      Plz ,Andy don’t do this u r my GOD

  • xXemobabeXx

    omg andy u poor beautiful thing

  • Eveluty

    stay strong andy and get well soon

  • Kristas16

    You my kind sir, need to be wrapped in bubblewrap

    • celined_p

      I properly laughed my head off for nearly 10 straight minutes after reading that XD thanks for making my day a whole lot better!!!

  • Jesusfreak

    i agree with kristas16! BUBBLERAP ROCKER!!!! u will be the new trend. BUBBLERAP WILL FINALLY BE ALL THE RAGE!

  • Karen Bernal

    question in my head
    1. whats with the bubble wrap?
    2. when will Andy stop smoking?
    3. can Andy be more careful?

    I hope he will live forever

  • Janiselly Romero

    smoking maybe fun at first but you pay the price as you get older around your 30s, this makes me sad because andy has been smoking since he was 15 now he is going to turn 22 that is 7 years of smoking…why would you want to do that, people die every day from smoking, the song u wrote knives and pens, andy made a chose not to self harm but to wright… Why would you want to self harm your selves….. you make inspirational songs knives and pens,savior….. it almost means nothing if you are going to self harm your self…

    • jessica beirsack

      i think of that every day

  • Bvb fan forever

    Omg that video is so sad I fell so bad and so sad that you got hurt!!!!

    • jessica beirsack

      poor andy!!!!! my baby! >.<

  • Kiera Swiffer Chastain

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Andy takes it to the next level in this case :3

  • BVB Army forever

    We all have to admit that even if Andy breaks his ribs the video still looks funny, I mean its painful but it looked retarded of how he did it…

    • jessica beirsack

      SCREW OFF!!!

      • Dark Planeptune

        You guys do realize even Andy said it himself that he looks like a retarded seal in one of his BryanStarz interviews?

    • Bryanna Mulloy

      FUCK YOU!




    was that jeffree star in the back at 2:04?

    • Bryanna Mulloy


  • BlackVeilBridesForever

    Andy, Andy, Andy…. can he get any more accident prone? And I hope he stops smoking and drinking, because I just couldn’t go on without him or any of BVB. And that video, no offence to him, was pretty funny. He done the most epic headbang when he hit off the pillar-thing. But yeah, he needs to at least TRY and be more careful XD

  • DA 1


  • Mixer

    Andy gets injured a lot more than we think. DX

    • Bryanna Mulloy

      yeah. poor Andy

  • Jordan

    I am crying for andy

  • Bryanna Mulloy

    god poor Andy! he must have a ruff time being on tour! :(

  • Cara A

    Yup, that’s Andy. I don’t think he’ll ever STOP being accident prone :) as for the smoking, yeah it’s bad, but he wants to live his life the way he wants to. I kind of admire that really. He knows what smoking can do, but that’s just who he is, and without that personality we may never have had the opportunity to listen and love his music.

  • Jessie

    He still has the most radiant smile I’ve ever seen. I hope he never thinks he has to sand down the other one just to make them look ‘perfect and even.’