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Chimaira's Mark Hunter Reveals His Top Five "Hell" Albums

Chimaira's Mark Hunter Reveals His Top Five

Working on Chimaira's new album The Age of Hell got frontman Mark Hunter thinking about the world below; where all the sinners go after their bodies turn to worm food. When we asked the singer--who's interviewed in the new issue of Revolver, available everywhere on August 16 or online right here right now)--to give us a list for this site, he contemplated revealing the five most hellish moments of his life, but decided he didn't want to get so personal. Instead, he put together a list of his five favorite albums with "Hell" in the title. What, no Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath or Hello, I Must be Going by Phil Collins?

Pantera, Cowboys From Hell (1990)

Venom, Welcome to Hell (1981)

Slayer, Hell Awaits (1985)

Deicide, To Hell With God (2011)

Gwar, Hell-O (1988)

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