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D.R.U.G.S. Frontman Craig Owens Picks the Most Metal Horror Movies

D.R.U.G.S. Frontman Craig Owens Picks the Most Metal Horror Movies

Our favorite holiday? Easy: Halloween. We're eagerly counting down the days to All Hallows Eve, and we're doing it by enlisting some of our favorite rockers to select the "most metal" fright flicks of all time. So check back right here at every day until the big, bad scariest one of them all. First up, former Chiodos frontman and current Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (D.R.U.G.S.) singer Craig Owens!

Black Roses
“This, in my opinion, is the best rock-and-roll horror movie of all time. Released in 1988, with a soundtrack full of Tempest and King Kobra, a band comes and rocks a dull Midwestern town. Typical young kids rebelling, older generations lashing out against rock and roll, plenty of pointless topless shots, and every kid they turn into a rocker…also becomes a monster! You couldn’t come up with a better plot if you tried.”

KISS Meets the Phantom of the Theme Park
“This movie will always stick out as a turning point in my rock-and-roll-filled life. My father, a huge fan of KISS, had always forced the sloppy pop rock-driven influence of KISS down my throat as I grew up, almost forcing their music and hooks into my subconscious. However, not until he sat me down and made me watch this movie did I understand how intense the KISS Army really was. In this movie, a gimmick is taken about as far as it can be, when all of the members of the band KISS…fight robotic cyborg versions of themselves!

“KISS? Fighting? What? Aren’t they just a bunch of rock dudes that wear makeup, and that one dude has a long creepy tongue? Well, this movie reinforces the image of the band as superheroes, just like in the previously released comic books, and other clever trademark merchandising scams. With Paul Stanley shooting a beam from his eye that allowed him to control minds; Ace Frehley being able to teleport, and shoot beams from his hands; to Gene Simmons breathing fire, and having the strength equal to Superman, or Marvel’s the Thing; all the way to Peter Criss who could jump, and had the reflexes of a cat?

“This movie was an amazing reinforcement to how ridiculous, possessive and straight up badass this genre can be. Making me feel like I am really only living about 10 percent of the rock-and-roll life I probably should be leading…”

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