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Darkest Hour's Mike Schleibaum Recalls Their Darkest Hours On Tour

Darkest Hour's Mike Schleibaum Recalls Their Darkest Hours On Tour

With a hot new album, The Human Romance (read our review of the record here), these D.C. metalcore stalwarts are feeling pretty good right now. But as axman Mike Schleibaum illustrated with his list below, this has not always been the case.

Getting sent to jail
"Roland, Oklahoma, in 2002: That’s right—the infamous event in which all members of band and crew were  jailed and fined over $8,000 [on suspicion of drug possession]. Not something to write home about, and definitely a good reason to egg a Roland police car!"

Getting evicted
"You think it’s all strippers and drugs at Ozzfest, but for us it was no money and long days! During our stint on Ozzfest in 2004, [vocalist] John [Henry] woke up to a phone call that all of his stuff was being put out on the street ‘cause he hadn't paid rent. Let me just say Ozzy did not offer to pitch in and help."

Getting robbed
"We got some cash, and then it got stolen. At the time, we were just a punk band on a punk tour—no safes, hotels, or banks. We just had cash on us all the time, and that meant we were sitting ducks. During a concert in Toronto, a grade-A asshole broke into our van and stole all our money. Yeah, we were idiots for having all that cash—but, hey, we were kids, and the government takes too much of a bite! Fortunately, the good guys in Underoath and Atreyu came through, and the party could roll on. Without those dudes, we might still be in Toronto!"

Getting teeth pulled
"On the Soilwork tour in 2006, [then-guitarist] Kris [Norris] had uncontrollable mouth pain. The diagnosis: Get all of his teeth pulled. Yep, enough said—it’s brutal!"

Getting bitten by a spider
"On tour with Anti-Flag, the coolest dudes ever, we were taking a few days off in Cleveland when we realized that [bassist] Paul [Burnette] had been bitten by the venomous brown recluse spider. He almost lost his foot, but we still rocked the tour. And now we know: Spiders bite!"

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