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Dead Letter Circus Singer Kim Benzie Confesses His Guilty-Pleasure Hooks

Dead Letter Circus Singer Kim Benzie Confesses His Guilty-Pleasure Hooks

As vocalist for Brisbane, Australia, prog-metal sensations Dead Letter Circus, Kim Benzie is responsible for belting out only the most epic-beyond-epic of choruses—the stuff fans of Muse or Tool should drool over with the recent U.S. release of debut album, This Is the Warning (Sumerian). Since his no-nonsense hooks are always huge enough to tickle our goose-bump bones--so much so that we interview the dude in the new issue of Revolver, available on newsstands everywhere and online right here--we correctly figured that that dude secretly has a pop streak lurking under his proggy exterior. See below...

Eminem featuring Rihanna, “Love The Way You Lie”
“Everyone in the band was hooked on that for probably two weeks. That’s probably right up there with embarrassing things.”

Britney Spears, “...Baby One More Time”
“That was a pretty good chorus. It was pretty epic. It was kind of weird seeing a schoolgirl walking around getting all sexy. It’s all kinds of wrong.”

New Kids On The Block, “Step By Step”
“That’s something we’re all pretty unified in as a band. Actually, at soundcheck now we bust it out: We play the recording while we test out synths.”

Matt Keck, “I’m A Snake”
“It’s not a song. But you know that guy on YouTube talking about being a snake? A chubby, nerdy, possibly gay, guy with a snake helmet on going ‘I’m a snaaaaake.’ That’s just been ripping through us lately.”

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