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Deadliest Cuts: The Top Five Death Songs

Deadliest Cuts: The Top Five Death Songs

The latest remastering of Death's back catalog, 1993's Individual Thought Patterns, comes out today. In celebration, here are the top five songs by the legendary death metallers, according to our technology editor and the managing editor of our sister publication Guitar World, Jeff Kitts.

"Zombie Ritual”
Album: Scream Bloody Gore
An early demo track given new life on the band’s groundbreaking debut album.
Sample lyric: “Vomit for a mind, maggots for a cock/With his ax the corpse will chop.”

“Torn to Pieces”
Album: Scream Bloody Gore
Tracks like this hinted at Chuck Schuldiner’s penchant for melodic brutality.
Sample lyric: “Pray if you want/Pathetic rancid cunt/Face reality/Death your final plea.”

“Pull the Plug”
Album: Leprosy
The group’s defining moment in the days before it morphed into a prog/death-metal terror.
Sample lyric: “End it now, it is the only way/Too cruel, that is what they say.”

“Spiritual Healing”
Album: Spiritual Healing
A sprawling thrashterpiece buried beneath a mudslide of bad production.
Sample lyric: “Blinded by the twisted ways you live/Kill for religion, will the Lord forgive?”

“The Philosopher”
Album: Individual Thought Patterns
Precision riffing and jazzy bass work—uncommon elements in the death metal of its day.
Sample lyric: “Where is the invisible line that we must draw to create individual thought patterns?”

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