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Deadliest Cuts: The Top Five Dream Theater Songs

Deadliest Cuts: The Top Five Dream Theater Songs

Prog-metal stalwarts Dream Theater recently released their 11th studio album, A Dramatic Turn of Events, which was their first release not to feature founding drummer Mike Portnoy. Here, we present a list of the top five Dream Theater songs, as picked by Revolver contributing writer J.D. Considine.

“Pull Me Under”
Album: Images and Words
In 1992, prog was so exceedingly out of fashion that Dream Theater’s wholehearted embrace seemed, well, almost punk. That this earned some MTV play was icing on the cake.
Sample lyric: “Pull me under/I’m not afraid/All that I feel is honor and spite/All I can do is set it right.”

“Metropolis (Part 1): The Miracle and the Sleeper”
Album: Images and Words
In which guitarist John Petrucci, bassist John Myung, and drummer Mike Portnoy show off every lick they learned at the Berklee School of Music. Set your jaw to “Drop.”
Sample Lyric: “Before the leaves have fallen/Before we lock the doors/There must be the third and last dance.”

“The Mirror”
Album: Awake
Its wounded romanticism would be laughable if the music weren’t so majestic, as singer James LaBrie effortlessly overcomes the cheese factor.
Sample lyric: “It’s time you made your amends/Look in the mirror, my friend/Let’s stare the problem right in the eye.”

“A Change of Seasons”
Album: A Change of Seasons
Clocking in at 23 minutes, this mini magnum opus is everything a prog fan could want and much, much more. Brevity is the sole of wit, my ass.
Sample lyric: “We can learn from the past/But those days are gone/We can hope to the future/But there might not be one.”

“Endless Sacrifice”
Album: Train of Thought
Taking a sudden left turn at Metallica, DT up the crunch without simplifying the riffage. Searing guitar, ornate keyboard fills, and stunningly precise drum-and-bass interplay make this as complicated as classical music—but much more fun.
Sample lyric: “Your light/Shines on my soul/While a thousand candles/Burn.”

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