Disturbed Frontman David Draiman Reveals the Top Five Times He Needed Asylum

On the surface, it looks like life has been good to Disturbed frontman David Draiman. Even if his band is preparing to go on “indefinite hiatus” at the end of 2011, Disturbed have had an incredible creative and commercial run. The band’s 2000 debut album, The Sickness, is certified quadruple platinum, 2002’s Believe is double platinum, and the band’s remaining three discs are gold. Even 2010’s Asylum sold 500,000 copies, which is no small accomplishment in today’s marketplace of diminished album sales and rampant illegal downloads.

But Draiman says his life has been filled with trauma, frustration, and sadness, and that he has vented his emotional instability through Disturbed’s turbulent melodic metal. His bandmates have even joked with him that it’s a good thing Draiman has experienced so much drama in his life, otherwise Disturbed might not have anything to write about. Since the band’s most recent album is called Asylum, and considering that he and his bandmates are planning to hide away from the public eye for a while after this summer’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Revolver recently asked Draiman to reveal the five times in his life that he’s most needed a place to get away.

“When I popped out of my mother’s womb, right then and there I knew the world was a harsh place.”

“My father was sent to jail when I was 12 years old, and I felt like they were stealing him away from me. It was some blue collar nonsense [involving mail and insurance fraud]. It wasn’t insider trading or anything–my father wasn’t that smart. I wouldn’t give him that much credit.”

“When my ex- fiancée left me, I was completely caught of guard. I felt misled, betrayed, the whole nine yards. She just left. It wasn’t a very easy time. There was no one to come to my aid because I had just moved to Austin, Texas, to an empty house with no girl. It was the darkest time–sort of a self-imposed asylum.”

“I lost my unborn child four or five years ago with my ex. It happened in the middle of the second trimester so we were totally ready to happen and it didn’t last through the term. That was what [the Disturbed song] ‘My Child’ on the record is about.”

“My faithful companion Lisa, [a Japanese Akita] died, and I definitely needed asylum after that. I got her when she was eight weeks old. She died in a little over seven years. She had osteosarcoma, which is a really aggressive form of bone cancer, during the Music is a Weapon run. Within two weeks, it took her. That was pretty terrible. Poor baby.”


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  • metalmetalpower

    David is amazing. Sad that he has gone through so much, great that he has had music as an outlet. Hopefully this “indefinite hiatus” doesn’t push him too far. Seemsl ike he needs Disturbed…

  • Marianela

    I think he is one of the best singer of this kind of music, of all times. He seems like a great person and is very sad that he had to go through all that, i didn’t know how their songs could be so deep until now. I just hope they don’t separate because Disturbed has become a part of my life after all this years.  

  • Brios_666

    lololol what a pussy. disturd fucking sucks

    • Ethericwizard

      Since birth this inept cretin knew the world was a harsh place? Okayyy… and no not his doggie.. it died!!! ahhhhhh. Disturbed is music for pisstards who like sucking on the corporate scaley wiener of a dying, bland recording industry. Disturbed needs to be officially fired from life and castrated.

      • A Man With A Dream

        YEAH! What that guy said!

      • disturdfan777

        just buy him a tapout shirt and he will be happy again

      • POTLUCK3434

        @ethericwizard and you other fucktards: First of all, Disturbed is and will probably always be one the BEST rock bands of all time. For the past 12 years of thier mega stardom, David has dealt with non-stop prying, scrutiney and analyzing of himself and his life. Do you really believe he will broadcast the truely deepest and darkest times of his life to be ridiculed by self rightous assholes such as yourselves? No. I do not believe those were the hardest times of his life….Draiman, Disturbed is the greatest and I do hope you guys return soon. I simply could not bear a decade of katy perry’s, lady gagas and rap. Your presence is critical to the rock genre…..ROCK AND ROLL IS H@fefc141332392fc79e4880b2de46a4fa:disqus ERE TO STAY!

      • Devin Esparza

        You’re a fucking douche. Apparently you’ve never loved a pet and the way that you referred to his dog as an “it” reveals how you view animals. I hope you’re hit by car.

  • A Man With A Dream

    What a poor tortured soul. I’m going to worship the ground he walks upon now that I hear of the incredible struggles that he had to endure throughout his life. David, I will try to maybe enjoy Disturbed. 

  • Ethericwizard

    “My faithful companion Lisa, [a Japanese Akita] died, and I definitely needed asylum after that. ” Why don;t you just put on a pair of your favorite victoria’s secret panties and hobble around singing Lady Gaga like the teenie booper you are. You’re not fooling anyone with that piece of metal on your chin you big girl.