Egypt Central Bassist Joey Chicago Reveals His Favorite Comic-Book Characters

Yesterday alt rockers Egypt Central released their sophomore record, White Rabbit, a concept album telling the story of what happens when one accepts or declines the invitation from the “White Rabbit.” Bassist Joey Chicago is the artist behind the artwork included in the CD booklet, which features the first four cells of a comic strip series that Revolver has been unveiling over the last two weeks. Needlessly to say, Chicago is a big-time comic-book fan; here, he picks his favorite characters.

The Joker
“He is, to me, the greatest villain in comic history. He is the perfect blend of genius and madman.”

“I alway connect with a character that has been to hell and back, and come out the unlikely hero.”

“Not only is his healing ability one of the most valuable in comic history, but he is also a true anti-authority personality. I love that mindset.”

The Punisher
“I always used to love collecting The Punisher Armories that they would release. I would stare at his arsenal for hours as a kid, wishing I could have each and every awesome weapon.”

The Hulk
“I relate to this character more than any other. I have a beast in me as well. I try to be a Bruce Banner, except for onstage. I wish I would turn green when I play–I’d have a one up on everybody!”


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