Egypt Central Frontman John Falls’ Five Favorite Things About ‘Alice In Wonderland’

Profiled in the September/October issue of Revolver, which will be available everywhere on August 16 (or you can order it right here), Egypt Central have had a rough time breaking through in the music industry. While the melodic hard-rock band seemed to have the world at its feet when being signed to Lava Records in 2006, the label dissolved before its self-titled debut record was released. Despite an attempt to self-release the album, it wasn’t until signing with Fat Lady/ILG Records that a remixed version of Egypt Central finally saw the light of day in 2008. Now with the recent release of their latest disc, White Rabbit, things seem to be firmly back-on-track for the Memphis quartet. Having survived their surreal, disorienting trip down the rabbit’s hole, Egypt Central frontman John Falls talked to Revolver about his five favorite features of Lewis Carroll’s trippy children’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Alice eats and drinks and grows and shrinks
“When I went through a major depression after our record didn’t get released, I ate and drank a lot and put on a lot of weight, and since October I lost 50 pounds. You can chose to eat or drink but there are consequences.”

The Caterpillar
“If I don’t mention the guy who’s over there constantly pulling on a pipe, Joey [Chicago, bass] and the rest of the band are gonna be on me. So I gotta give props to the major stoner.”

The Cheshire Cat
“I always loved his wit and humor. When I was a kid, I thought that was the coolest thing ever. He was the first smart-ass I felt like I was friends with.”

The Red Queen
“She’s just misunderstood, and that’s why she acts like an asshole. I can understand and relate to her feelings because I’ve been like that sometimes.”

The Mad Hatter
“He wasn’t as much of a character in the book as he was in the movies or the cartoons, but watching Johnny Depp bring that character to life onscreen in the Tim Burton update of Alice in Wonderland was brilliant. He really got into Lewis Caroll’s head and showed people what the Hatter was capable of in the right hands.”


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