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Emmure Frontman Frankie Palmeri Lists His Top Five Action Flicks

Emmure Frontman Frankie Palmeri Lists His Top Five Action Flicks

When he’s performing, Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri is a pretty hulking presence—equal parts L.A. gangsta and hardcore hero. Instead of spazzing out, he sways rhythmically, bounces assuredly, and saunters back and forth, stopping from time to time to bend over and headbang at half-speed. For some reason, we figured a dude who looks this unfuckwithable onstage—and whose new album is as destructively heavy as Emmure’s latest, Speaker of the Dead (Victory)—would be a big fan of action movies. Turns out we were right.

Planet Terror (Dimension, 2007)
“Easily my favorite movie of all time. It has everything you could possibly want in a movie—zombies, hot chicks, gore and romance.”

Starship Troopers (TriStar, 1997)
“This movie is basically [the videogame] Starcraft come to life! Bugs getting blasted away, there are futuristic unisex showers, plus [actor] Casper Van Dien has done softcore porn.”

Face/Off (Paramount, 1997)
“I still can’t believe they got away with making this movie. Nicholas Cage and John Travolta trade faces but have the exact same body. It’s like, uh, OK.”

The Rock (Hollywood, 1996)
“There’s something about Nicholas Cage playing a biochemical engineer that just seems so true to life! Not really, but watching Sean Connery use all his old James Bond tricks on Alcatraz was fucking awesome!”

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (TriStar, 1991)
“Let’s face it, time travel is confusing as fuck. But somehow the Terminator series made it work. And Arnold Schwarzenegger really knows how to protect the humans: Maybe that’s why California felt so comfortable making him governor. He was built to protect the humans and he shall continue to do so!”

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