Evanescence Frontwoman Amy Lee Picks Her Favorite Björk Songs

Evanescence, the band’s first album is five years, thankfully marks a return to their sinister chug and Amy Lee’s heavenly wail. But there’s a deeper focus on electronic textures thanks to the programming of Nine Inch Nail Chris Vrenna and the frontwoman’s deep, long-lasting love of artists like Portishead, Massive Attack, and Depeche Mode. Here Lee–who is featured on the cover of the new Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock issue–breaks down her four favorite songs by tireless Icelandic genre-hopper Björk, whose wild, carefree spirit lurks in Evanescence‘s darkest corners.

“Björk inspires me in a lot of ways. Her voice is one of the most amazing voices in the world. And she’ll just say whatever. The way she uses the English language, probably because it’s not her first language, she uses it for the way the words sound as much as what the words mean. That always inspired me. When I’m writing lyrics, I think that way, too. I want the meaning to matter, but the way they actually sound coming out your mouth matters, too. Smart girl, that one.


“Army Of Me”
“I know that’s everybody’s favorite, but it’s just so good. There’s a whole album of covers of that one song. If you go on iTunes, there’s an album that’s fully just that song 12 times by 10 different bands.”

“I’m probably pronouncing that one wrong. I love that song. [An MTV News reporter] was saying that [new song “Lost In Paradise”] reminds him of this song. That’s a song that inspired me from a long, long time ago. It definitely inspired me musically ages ago.”

“Pagan Poetry”
“That’s another great one that I listen to a lot. Man, the lyrics are so good. ‘On the surface simplicity/But the darkest pit in me/It’s pagan poetry’… I love that! Totally speaks to me, it’s so beautiful!”


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  • Royalrock21

    i love u amy ….i saw evanescence in l.a oct  front row …shes amazing ,,im still alive becuase of amy lee and evanescence,,,,they saved my life by making ther music

  • Davewelland

    Royalrock21 ur a sad ass !  amy is fit

  • brainneverkills

    @e6c577bd29f7b162128a229ca5d56dba:disqus  …The only sad ass here seems to be you!Really…are you that desperate,that you have to judge other people ?!Music can be medicine!…

  • Barbie Amy 2

    Amy you should come to puerto rico again!!!

  • http://twitter.com/SamAdamsLife maybach Machievelli

    Amy’s voice is amazing, 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/rkolegend3 Jesus Janica

    agreed she should come to puerto rico again soon

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1700612236 Ash Dryden

    Wow, I love the pic on the front of the mag, anyway to get that image? would look so epic as my desktop wallpaper.

    • Guest

      so u can wank over it ae

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Garcia/100001596206399 Alex Garcia

    hey, if they asked me what my favorite songs were i wouldn’t say a word because they’re my favorite songs for me…. its like asking “hey where’s your own secret door to paradise?”
    don’t MEAN to be MEAN to Revolver but that’s not cool to ask that….its not to the point where its offensive tho :) eeees okaaaaay

  • Feliza cheryl agustine

    I alwayz win if I play ur song’s on festivals music live with ma band thx amy… I like ur voice character. amy when u will asian tour goes to indonesia ? Love u

    • http://www.facebook.com/roger.laverty Roger Laverty

      Feliza, you are a lying, heartless piece of Indonesian Shit. I hope you have a terrible life for the year of lies you put me through for a few dollars, you cheap Whore, I hate you

  • Broken-is-beautiful

    When does the Amy Lee magazine come out in the US? Unless it already came out?

  • Moriah

    any one know where to get my hands on this is canada?