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For Today's Mattie Montgomery Picks His Top Places To Eat While On Tour

For Today's Mattie Montgomery Picks His Top Places To Eat While On Tour

Like many touring musicians, the members of Christian deathcore band For Today—who dropped their third album, Breaker (Facedown) last year—are on a pretty tight budget, which makes fine dining a pipe dream. Fortunately, frontman Mattie Montgomery says the guys are just fine with fast food and have learned to stretch their bucks enough to keep their appetites sated. Here are his top five places to grub on the road.

“It’s the greatest restaurant in the history of the world, and we’re always sneaking away from venues and spending way more money than we should there. Their burritos are pretty awesome. They’re as big as our heads and you can get them made the way you want, kinda like Subway.”

Taco Bell
“I could eat nothing but Taco Bell for the rest of my life and be totally fine with it. They have really good tacos for the price.”

Buffalo Wild Wings
“Every Tuesday we go there because it’s ‘Cheap Wings Night.’ They’re 40 cents each, so you can get, like, 20 for eight dollars. I always get a lot of mild wings, which are still kind of spicy, but I also like spicy garlic, Parmesan garlic, and honey barbecue.”

“They’re awesome because they have a very extensive value menu and you can get chili.”

“They also have a really good value menu. I always get the McDoubles, which are only 99 cents. And you can get two pies for 99 cents, which is always nice, too.”

Check out "Devastator" off Breaker below:

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