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Gene Hoglan Lists the Top 5 Meldrum Songs

Gene Hoglan Lists the Top 5 Meldrum Songs

Gene Hoglan (pictured left) is certainly one of the busiest drummers in metal. With Death, Dark Angel, Strapping Young Lad, Opeth, and more already on his résumé, he most recently laid tracks for Testament's Dark Roots of Earth and Dethklok's Dethalbum III. But amidst all of this, there is a Meldrum record that was never released until earlier this year. Lifer was an album planned by Hoglan and guitarist Michelle Meldrum back in 2008. However, not long after finishing the record, Meldrum fell into a coma and died a few days later from complications of a cystic growth on her brain. We asked him to look back and pick his favorite Meldrum tracks.





1. "A Toast to Romance" "First of all, it starts off with the word 'cunt' in the intro, which happens to be one of Michelle Meldrum's favorite words. Hell, we still refer to 'Walking Point' by its working title of 'Cuntface.' It then charges right into some pretty aggro metal--especially for those familiar with Meldrum's earlier material. Michele Madden's psychotically brutal death growl comes bellowing forth, leaving neophytes scratching their heads in disbelief that that is a woman singing. The chorus is catchy as hell, which leads into an absolute face-melter of a solo by Laura Christine. The haunting wails in the post-lead section are amazing, and then it's topped off with another destructive solo by Laura Christine, all while sub-bombs are exploding all over the place. A pummeling opener indeed."

2. "Paid" "Kicks right into a chunky down-picker of a riff with a killer chorus to boot. Great lyrics, too."

3. "'68 Blonde" "Michelle wrote these killer riffs, and then Madden wrote an incredible paean to our fallen sister. The vocals and lyrics are breathtaking."

4. "Walking Point" "A real trippy but very metal song. Some crazy bass lines. Then Laura Christine pulls off probably my favorite guitar solo of all time. I seriously can't get over how amazing this solo is. Everything I've ever wanted to hear in a memorable lead is fully present. Then the tune ends in full-chaos, blast beats included."

5. "Blackened Blue" "Punches you right in the face with a monster riff, then never lets up. Woo hoooo!"

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