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Halloween Gift Guide

Halloween Gift Guide

Here are 13 ghoulish goodies to scare up for the horrordays from Revolver's special Halloween issue, Rock! Shock! and Horror!, which is on newsstands now or can be purchased here.



1. The Cabin in the Woods Blu-Ray + Digital Copy

This cleverly self-aware gore-soaked comedy was easily one of the best fright flicks of the past year. Click here to buy now on Amazon.


2. The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season Blu-Ray Box Set

What’s better than owning the second season of The Walking Dead on Blu-Ray? Storing it in a life-size zombie head with a screwdriver through the eye. Click here to buy now on Amazon.


3. ESP LTD Bela Lugosi Dracula Electric Guitar

Imagine what music the children of the night will make with this ax commemorating the original Universal Monster, highly limited to just 325 models worldwide. For more information, go to the ESP website here.


4. Justin Bartlett's "The Thing" Glow-in-the-Dark Shirt

Illustrator Justin Barlett has created art for bands including Job for a Cowboy, Isis, Trap Them, and Kvelertak. Not surprisingly, his take on the spider-legged abomination from John Carpenter’s The Thing is totally brutal, plus it glows in the dark. Click here to buy now on Holy Mountain Printing.


5. American Horror Story: The Complete First Season Blu-Ray

This original FX series not only garnered 17 Emmy nominations but also features Alexandra Breckenridge, one of Dave Navarro’s picks for the hottest women on the planet, as a sexy ghost maid. Click here to buy now on Amazon.

6. Resident Evil 6

The latest entry in the heralded horror series spans three continents and six playable characters. Even better, it welcomes zombies—in a new, more mobile and more deadly incarnation—back to the franchise. Click here to buy now on Amazon for PS3 or XBOX 360.


7. Zombie Feet Sandals

These flip-flops made to resemble decaying undead flesh are pretty cool for most people. Sadly, our toes actually just look like that. Click here to buy now at


8. NECA Evil Dead 2 Series 2 Action Figures

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the splatstick classic with “Hero Ash,” complete with chainsaw hand, and basement-dwelling zombie Hentietta, ready to “swallow your soul!” Click here to buy now on Amazon.












9. Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones

R.L. Stine calls this new Young Adult zombie novel “fast, frightening, and all too real!” Of course it is—the first in a projected series, it’s penned by Revolver contributor Christopher Krovatin, aka Stolas Trephinator of the band Flaming Tusk. Click here to buy now on Amazon.


10. Monster Matryoshkas

These are not your Russian grandmother’s matroyshkas. But these nesting dolls of a ghost, mummy, vampire, zombie, and the Grim Reaper will still look great on the mantel. Click here to buy now on Amazon.


11. Zombies!: An Illustrated History of the Undead

Revolver’s “Splatter Matters” columnist, Jovanka Vuckovic, traces the line from Haitian voodoo lore and the writing of Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe all the way to Zombieland and The Walking Dead. Click here to buy now on Amazon.


12. Orange Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head and PPC212JR Speaker Cab

This all-tube, 15-watt amp not only comes in Halloween colors but is also modeled after the Dirty Channel on the same amp that Jim Root—of masked maniacs Slipknot, as well as Stone Sour—plays in the studio and on the road. Click here to buy now on Amazon.


13. Corpse Corps Skate Reaper Coffin Deck

Instead of walking door-to-door trick or treatin’, try shredding down the block on this casket-shaped skateboard emblazoned with Death himself. Click here to buy now at


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