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Hyro Da Hero Lists His Essential Rap Songs For Metalheads

Hyro Da Hero Lists His Essential Rap Songs For Metalheads

If anyone in this crazy, post-Bizkit world has a handle on the right ratio between rap and rock, it might just be Texas-based rapper Hyro Da Hero. Hyro has sampled everyone from Circa Survive to Refused, and his new album, Birth School Work Death (produced by no less than Ross Robinson), merited a four-star review from Revolver Editor in Chief, Brandon Geist. Tasked with creating a list of the best rap songs for metalheads, the emcee didn't even sweat.

"Bring The Noise," Public Enemy and Anthrax
"This song is a statement of how hip-hop and rock can blend so perfectly together, with the music and lyrics. The rage and aggression is the same for rock and rap kids. Public Enemy were able to pull off the rock and rap perfectly and set the standard for the future."

"Just Another Victim," House of Pain and Helmet (from Judgment Night)
"This song completes the full concept of the hip-hop and hardcore rock culture. The drums and heavy guitars are undeniably hardcore and the House of Pain verse that goes into half time gives it that hip-hop swagger"

"Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang," Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg
"Metalheads can't rock out every minute of the day. They gotta chill sometime, and this was the perfect song to get drunk, get high, or just kick it to. This gave an open window into the laid back gangsta lifestyle that people see glorified in movies. Everybody wants to be g'd up."

"99 Problems," Jay-Z
"I think that metalheads probably liked this because Rick Rubin brought in some guitar over a cool rap. What Jay-Z says in the song is something everyone can relate to, and Rick Rubin just made sure that the metalheads heard it with a familiar sound. It is real cool to hear Jay-Z's laid back voice accompanied by distorted guitar."

"Fuck Tha Police,"  N.W.A
"Most people do not like the police. Everyone hates authority. You can fight the police back with words. Obviously these guys in N.W.A knew how to piss the cops off the right way, by using a pen and paper."

"Kim," Eminem
"This song brings out emotion. Similar to how Trent Reznor brings out the emotion in 'Hurt.' Very simple backing tracks blended with words and attitude that everyone can relate to."

"How I Could Just Kill A Man," Cypress Hill
"This is another prime example of showing how two genres are so similar. We all share the same struggle. Most rock kids and most rap kids are just pissed-off youth. Same soup, different bowl."

"(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)," Beastie Boys
"Doing the music I do lands me in rock bars on tour and this song is played everywhere. And once this song is on, everyone sings along."

"Colors," Ice-T
"This was one of the first songs that brought street culture to the mainstream. This was before my time, but it shows the impact this song has had on generations. Everyone as a whole including rock kids who saw the movie."

"Walk This Way," Run DMC and Aerosmith
"RUN DMC and AEROSMITH. Enough said! There wouldn't be me without them."

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