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Impending Doom's David Sittig Shares His Band’s Near-Death Experiences

Impending Doom's David Sittig Shares His Band’s Near-Death Experiences

Someone (maybe God?) must have been watching over Christian deathcore outfit Impending Doom when the band—which released its crushing sophomore album, There Will Be Violence (Facedown), last year—was driving to a gig in Seattle one snowy February night in 2008. Below, bassist David Sittig fills us in on that incident and two other experiences that nearly spelled doom for him and his bandmates.

On the edge
“We were going no faster than five miles per hour when our wheels started spinning, and our whole van and trailer did a full 360 in the middle of the highway with traffic all around us. We slammed into the guardrail, which stopped us, and when we opened up the door, we realized we were at the edge of a cliff. And we were sitting on ice, so we were stuck there for five hours until someone could tow us back down the mountain.”

Slip ’N Slide
“During one show in Augusta, Georgia, it was so hot that in the middle of the set I grabbed my water bottle and dumped it on my head. Then I walked up to the front of the stage to put my foot on the monitor and start the next song, but there was water on my shoe, so I totally slipped and smacked my face right on the monitor.”

Shock rock
“One time in Richmond, Virginia, there was something wrong with the power, and when Brook [Reeves, vocals] touched the mic, it shocked the hell out of him.”

Check out  the title track/video off There Will Be Violence below:

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