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James Durbin Picks His Top Six Judas Priest Songs

James Durbin Picks His Top Six Judas Priest Songs

As the resident metalhead on this year’s season of American Idol, James Durbin brought the soaring sound of Judas Priest to one of the biggest TV audiences in the country—advancing to the coveted Top 13 via his version of “You've Got Another Thing Comin'” and even performing with Priest themselves for the season's blowout finale. Although Durbin–who is interviewed in the new issue of Revolver, available on newsstands now and online right here–sadly did not go all the way (fuck you, Scotty Mc"Creepy"!), he at least gave us something we could talk to our moms about. Anyway, here are his six favorite Priest songs, and some YouTubes that should leave you Hell Bent for whatever.

"How could you not love that song? It’s fucking crazy. Every single aspect of what is metal is included in that song. It's heavy, there's parts of it that are melodic; it's screechy, screamy. I don't know. Priest amazes me. Because I like the '80s hair-metal shit, I'm into their more melodic songs… That's what I love about metal, is that it can be so heavy and you can totally just shred for days over it, but it can also be melodic. And there's nothing wrong with that. Avenged Sevenfold is fucking incredible, and they're melodic. Their stuff is catchy. You can actually sing along with it. It's not something that’s some brutal death-metal song that's like [makes gurgly noises],  you know. I don't like that stuff because I can't sing along with it."

"Turbo Lover"

"Hell Bent for Leather"

"Living After Midnight"

"Breaking the Law"

"You've Got Another Thing Comin'"

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